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Whitney Museum
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Mark your calendars: We're opening early just for families on Saturday, Sept 27. #Koons
Major thanks to all who asked ?s for #AskACurator & to Scott for answering! Remember we're happy to pass ?s along to our curators anytime.
I think success in contemporary art has long been suspect, so I understand the response. @wkndpartyupdate #AskACurator
Always try to make artists look their best. @MarinaGuiomar #AskACurator
Curators do lots of research, studio visits & ask hard questions, trying to determine what matters most in art now. @cowpie4600 #AskACurator
We try to rediscover artists and moments that feel fresh in our own time. @popart84 #AskACurator
Stewart Uoo's sculptures from his 2013 exhibition are some of our more recent acquisitions. @DorkMuseum #AskACurator
Today, Glenn Ligon's "Rückenfigur" but it's so hard to choose! @1506_nobotox #AskACurator
We haven't found it a problem so far. @linagato #AskACurator
More great space for our incredible collection! @EBHSHumanities #AskACurator
#Koons's work by nature expands to many realms, breaks down boundaries, and tests limits. @muiglynvalle #AskACurator
Found it in a catalogue in Dallas when I was in high school and was immediately taken. @frankiebologna #AskACurator #Koons
Yes! It sounds loud and aggressive like a race car. @briancwise @playinglesshurt #AskACurator #Koons
We recently welcomed Adrian Hardwicke from @Tate as our new Dir of Visitor Experience, in prep for move downtown @sandysumire #AskACurator
As I discuss in catalogue, works can sometimes feel unsettled & unsettling, not quiet & elegant but strangely alive. #AskACurator @benadavis
#Koons's Made in Heaven paintings still challenge audience 20 years later. That's part of what makes Jeff great. @MuseumTweets #AskACurator
Many common themes and images and a shared obsession with perfect services. @kirnicholas #AskACurator #Koons
The curator is in! Jeff #Koons: A Retrospective curator Scott Rothkopf is here to answer your questions for #AskACurator day. Reply @ us.
#AskACurator is today! Send us your questions and curator Scott Rothkopf will answer. #Koons
Happy National Play-Doh Day! Jeff #Koons's sculpture took two decades to make.
We just hit half a million followers! Congrats to @lemuela, our 500,000th follower. Email, so we can send you a gift!
Perfect for a rainy, late #summer day: Pat Steir's September Evening Waterfall (1991).…
Have a question for #AskACurator tomorrow? Send them our way in advance or ask curator Scott Rothkopf live tomorrow! #Koons
Watch the entire, full-day Jeff #Koons symposium we held at @NYUIFA w/ artists, curators & scholars:
Jeff #Koons: A Retrospective curator Scott Rothkopf is participating in #AskACurator day this Wednesday. Tweet us your questions for him!
Whitney curator Scott Rothkopf will be on a #MelBochner panel at @TheJewishMuseum this Thursday. Info:
Scott Rothkopf will be on deck @ 11 am EST Wed for #AskACurator day! Send us ?s in advance or ask them live. #Koons
New at the Whitney Shop: Dinnerware designed by Sol LeWitt in the 1980s.
RT @emmamenteath: Shiny objects at the Jeff #Koons exhibition at the @whitneymuseum this morning... Beautiful!
Tonight at 8 pm: Sound artists Kassel Jaeger & Akira Rabelais perform in NY for the 1st time.
RT @MayaJeffereis: Amazing works donated by #Koons' studio as touch objects for visitors who are blind @whitneymuseum
Up next don't miss @NYUIFA's Thomas Crow discuss Jeff #Koons in the 1980s. Watch live:
"I think there's a romantic quality in the work and there's some shame attached to that...To me that's the attraction to #Koons." —De Salvo
Burton sees a tension between the desire to open up what art can be & the simultaneous anxiety about holding on to tradition. #Koons
"It's a traditional's surprising how quiet it is. But the works say something else." —Burton on tension while viewing #Koons.
"Warhol traded on the now, the journalistic, the iconic...The sources of #Koons's images are familiar, but not iconic." —De Salvo
Donna De Salvo: Much has been said about the connection btwn Warhol & #Koons but the differences more interesting!
Lobel thinks a more appropriate predecessor to #Koons is Courbet & questions of taste are at heart of connection.
"Warhol quickly expanded his reach into other fields...#Koons's motivations & ambitions reside firmly in the realm of art." —Lobel
Prof Michael Lobel: #Koons's motifs like balloon animals & topiary are materials & forms of vernacular sculpture.
#Koons has often cited Francois Boucher & other Rococo artists as foundational for him.
This talk will touch on questions of taste, value, and modes of address in relation to the work of Jeff #Koons.
We're @ the @NYUIFA/Whitney #Koons talk "Standards of Taste." Follow or watch the live stream:
A new crop of Whitney honey is almost ready, and will be adorned with a label designed by artist Kiki Smith. Stay tuned! #HoneyWeek
On the occasion of the #Koons retro, we worked w/ @NYUIFA to organize an all-day symposium. Live stream it here: