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Colin O'Donnell
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If I have it my way, there will be a cure to cancer, we won't have to see or hear about these young kids dying, these young moms dying.
It's hard.... You where only 50... Today you would of been 51. Life never should end that soon, but I promise you mom I'll change this world
It seems like just yesterday you where still with us <3 #timehop
#puppy #boxer #cuteanimals
Throw back Sunday! #timehop
I miss this color #timehop
She put her right leg in and took her right leg out, she put her left leg in and threw it all about! #punnybybravo #rhony finale
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Aviva heard @Andy is having a favorite housewife poll on #WWHL tonight, so she decided to throw her leg in the ring. #punnybybravo #RHONY
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Sprinkle sprinkle #timehop
@sarahcolonna I know this tweet is probably about baseball but just in case it's about early menopause - I've had this symptom too.
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Uncool people are just now catching on to making fun of "hipsters" and it's making me side with the hipsters.
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This Rescued Elephant Family Playing In The Rain Will Give You Happy Tears…
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(484): somebody put my brain in a crown royal bag and beat the shit out of it
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4 the girls who eat & 4 the girls that don't eat, catch the launch of "The Nene Leakes Collection" July 28th on @HSN size 2 to 24
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I just wanna wake up and you'll still be with us. Words can't describe these past few months, or the the pain I try and hide. I love you.
I don't need #nofilter :)
Live. Learn. Love. #inspiration #gayginger #redhead #punk #gauges #lipring #gay #gayrights #marriageequality #bitch
"and you knew as long as they kept talking shit you could succeed and by "Fairy" you thought they knew about your wings"
The faults of the virtuous are like the sun and moon They have their faults and everyone sees them they change and everyone looks up to them
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