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Lee Westwood
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@lizmckeegolf: @WestwoodLee I was wondering if y'all were heading to a picnic after. Diggin' the shirt! 😂”ouch! Harsh!
Another from sun night. You'll notice it's all the 40yr olds that are the last there! 28RC's between us.
@TMayhew87: @WestwoodLee Rory said today that you were the last man standing after the Ryder Cup party. Well done good sir!”no shock there!
The Royal Oak Offshore LeBron James Chronograph @MEVeezy - One more @WestwoodLee ?
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It was champagne for anybody interested.
Found a good photo from late Sunday night on my phone.
Well just flew back into Miami and they let me in . Even after last week!
Thank god footjoy did that and made it easy for me!
18 at close house. It's been a great day.
@WestwoodLee with the prize winners. A big thank you to all who took part!
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@peterbakergolf: @WestwoodLee got the video! Ha ha”go on then Bakes, post it. I'll retweet .
@TogoPresley: @WestwoodLee don't forget the grapes!” Whoo 4!
May have done hey Jude with MAJ and the band at Gleneagles last night! Flashback!
Whoo! Just realised I've already had 3 of my 5 a day! Tomato, cranberry & lime!
@seant666: my favourite video of the 2014 Ryder Cup @WestwoodLee”this is good even for me! Timing!
Little bit from the closing ceremony.
Been a good day! Just had a lift home from the police!
How end to end is this! HUD v CAT.
Managed to get the superleague on in the euro team room! How goods that!
Well @IanJamesPoulter has done his press conference and spoken. We can start the Ryder Cup now.
@TheLadBible: A promise is a promise @piersmorgan...”yay!!! I mean , noooo!!!!
Looking forward to cheering the @WiganWarriorsRL on tonight. Not often I'm on the same time zone to watch them.
5-3! Back on top! Boom!
@yourgolftravel: Thrilled to announce that @WestwoodLee has joined YGT as our new Ambassador”looking forward to it.
Bumped into the lads from Bingley that are cycling to every RC venue in Britain for charity. Good luck lads.
@RobbieSavage8: Come on the rammmmmsssss”baaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Bobby Zamora has been stuck all over the A52 to welcome Derby County fans to Nottingham today. #nffc #dcfc
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@WestwoodLee Tigers won 3-0 today pal, up to 4th with 2 games in hand
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What a miraculous recovery Welbeck made there!
What a shame Sanchez is not in shape! Lol! Sarcasm.
Another great finish!
I'm never sure of Ozil's role either.
I'm not an Arsenal fan but even I find them frustrating.
@AndrewColtart Hi there! Could you do the Greenstaff at Gleneagles a favour and follow and re tweet their page @RyderCupGK Thankyou!
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