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Wesley Stromberg
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This world is a beautiful place 😍😍
- Wow it's so weird to see the little M next to that number... Thank you all! So much love!
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Got a lil cardio in on our hike haha @TylerRayCase looks like a scary ghost
Jumped in a sick lil lake up In the middle of the canyons! Just livin it
Jumped in a sick lil lake up in the middle of the canyons!! Just livin it !!!
Love these dudes! Wouldn't have wanted to spend today with anyone else @tylerraycase @keatonstromberg
Went on an amazing hike In Malibu to celebrate hitting a milli on twitter this afternoon!! Nothing is more incredible to me than the natural beauties of this world. Today was a great day.. Thank you
Dude Instagram just deleted our video off my page. Like there are so many people posting way gnarlier stuff then Keaton's butt. Come on gram
Part 2 #icebucketchallenge #E3To1Million thank y'all sooo much!!! We made it to 1 million together! We…
Part 1 #IceBucketChallenge we Nominate Oprah Winfrey @ddlovato and @5sos
- Holy buckets guys... Let's get #E3to1Million trending today! If we get there me and Wes will do the Ice Bucket Challenge fully Naked!
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Writing songs with the bros
Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm Christian Grey from 50 shades of grey
Music speaks what cannot be expressed, Soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.
When you find out you get to sleep in as long as you want
This is Grant! My biggest coolest fan!! He is such a baller
Sickest show! Thanks @Yahoo for live streaming the whole thing! Y'all rock!!
Chase your dreams! Forget your fears! Youu only have 1 life so you must act now ! Don't let anything stop you.. It's gonna be hard and it's gonna be scary but it's going to be the adventure of a lifetime
Such an amazing experience !!
Such an epic night tonight in Chicago! Seriously soo blessed ! #crazygoodsummer #poptarts