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Wes Borland
music guitarist rock metal 117,431 followers
I start mixing the new @queenkwong album today produced and cowritten with Joe Cardamone from @theicarusline ... Carré and Joe played all the instruments and wrote/recorded a song a day. It's so good.
Sonoma with @queenkwong the day after the earthquake.
Hanging out with TRG Aston Martin again at the Sonoma Grand Prix. Great day for a race. The earthquake last night sucked.
Birthday shots at the drag show! @queenkwong
But the most star struck I've ever been was the time Seal walked by me, followed by seeing Leslie Bibb at a sushi restaurant.
Just complimented and got blown off by Mick Fleetwood as he was grabbing the bathroom key at the ear doctor.
The biggest cat art show I've ever seen. @queenkwong
@queenkwong Rest Coast
Miss Britches will not leave the prayer kneeler with the lady lamp on it.
Guardians of the Galaxy, party of one.
New LB song available for free download tonight and US tour dates posted at
Ecto 1 spotting in Los Angeles
Back in the US with a late 30's or very early 40's hand wound Recta on a @bulangandsons leather nato. Purchased in Hamburg in 2006.
I encountered the "no photos" sign after taking just this one. Sorry.
For your lamps. @queenkwong
Well, @British_Airways , @QueenKwong and I go back to LA on Thursday. Will her bag show in time to recheck at Terminal 5? We've lost hope.
Scott Ian played Bring The Noise through my guitar amp a couple weeks ago. I'm never washing it again.
THE Sutton Hoo Helmet. Wowza
After 11 days @British_Airways still hasn't gotten @QueenKwong her bag from Heathrow and we're IN London.