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Wendy Tabusalla
actor 100,968 followers
"Life will not be the way we want it to be..."
Happy happy birthday @gumabaomichele!!!!😍 loveyou!!!
@wendytabusalla hello po ate wendy, ingat ka po jan parati. Take care at be happy always! I'm so excited sa baby niyo ❀️❀️ stay strong!
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Wendy tlga name ni @MarstellaRacal sa Hawak Kamay? Haha. @wendytabusalla :) MARIS On Hawak Kamay
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For every strong man, there's an even stronger woman who stands next to him, not behind him, supports him and loves him with all her heart.
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β€œ@littlemsmaroon: @wendytabusalla daming excited para sa inyo ni @CarloRomero15 πŸ˜πŸ˜β€hi ate kristel! oo nga eh! kaya lalo kami na excite:)
β€œ@debbieeugenio: @wendytabusalla congrats wendz! :)” thank you!πŸ˜„
β€œ@zasganda: @wendytabusalla Hi ate! Goodmorning! 😘 Miss na kitang i tweet. πŸ˜˜β€ hi! ingat ka today:)
Ang bilis ng oras! BER month na ulit.... at 7weeks nalang makikita na namin ang aming baby... 😱😱😱
β€œ@ArjiRamos: @wendytabusalla Hello Ate Wendskie :D Haha 😁 πŸ™Œβ€hello!!
β€œ@jgocampo_: Can't wait for "baby Wendy and Carlo" @wendytabusalla ♑” excited na din kami!:)
β€œ@yukamariet: @wendytabusalla goodmorning to the hottest preggy! Take care Ate Wendz β™₯” wow thank u naman ! goodmorning din sainyo!
Hello September! 😘
β€œ@MainaTutt: @wendytabusalla love you more! i cant wait to see u again with the prince ❀” me too! cant wait to see u! ingat ka lagi ha😘
β€œ@MainaTutt: @axe1torres @wendytabusalla nako hindi ka kasale Axel! Ahahah miss na miss na kita bakla ❀❀❀” hahahaha!! ikaw kasi miss nya!
β€œ@axe1torres: @wendytabusalla @MainaTutt ate wends miss na kita :)” miss ko na din kayo lAhat dyan! goodluck sa hawak kamay! pagbutihan nyo!
β€œ@eloiesperanza25: @wendytabusalla @CarloRomero15 wow its a boy?how lucky u r both”yup boy po:)
β€œ@itsmeAraniax: @wendytabusalla Ate Wendyyy pleaseeee :))))) ilysm” hi loveu too!
β€œ@jhen061582: @wendytabusalla @CarloRomero15 EROS CADY...eros is a term for god of love(cupid) then cady for carlo and wendy...” wow
β€œ@AthennaChiely: @wendytabusalla @CarloRomero15 wendoy haha candy forever..”hahahaah
Wala pa kaming name para sa baby boy namin.... May suggestions ba kayo,? @CarloRomero15
Goodmorning Manila! ang bilis ng oras september na.... 8weeks nalang lalabas na ang baby prince namin. so excited!!
Wow congrats @MarstellaRacal! Galingan mo!❀️ Wendy pa talaga name mo dyan. go go go!
β€œ@PatawaOfficial: 'Wendy' pala name ni @MarstellaRacal sa Hawak Kamay, ka-pangalan pa ni @wendytabusalla ang cute :)” awww ang cute!!
β€œ@NikkoGee: @wendytabusalla I remember you FanSign for me :) It was my 12th Birthday on that day ❀️” hi!:)
β€œ@CarloRomero15: I'm home cleaning up the house while @wendytabusalla is shopping.... (what's wrong with this picture?) Lol”hahaha salamat!
Happy happy birthday @michael5inco! It's an honor to have worked with you. πŸ’‹
β€œ@iamfabulousgeri: @wendytabusalla balik ka na dito lover sa RW hehehe” oo nga eh nkkamiss!!
β€œ@iamfabulousgeri: @wendytabusalla lover congrats pala sa inyo ni Carlo. Super happy ako sa inyong dalawa... πŸ˜˜β€ thank u!!!:)))
β€œ@iamfabulousgeri: Yung bigla ako na gutom and craving for pizza... Whaaaa i love the adobo pizza from RW”miss ko na tumira sa rw!
β€œ@iamfabulousgeri: @wendytabusalla i super miss you lover πŸ˜˜β€ omg i miss u more!!!!
@wendytabusalla @CarloRomero15 waaaahhh..salamat sa reply,my #CanDy hart!❀❀❀happy na aq pag happy kayong dalawa!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜ im a fan since pbb!πŸ˜‰
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β€œ@gellyypotpot: @wendytabusalla tita congrats po btw mehehe! si angel del carmen po itooo :)) HAHA full name XD”angel!!! miss u!!
β€œ@sherimfha: @wendytabusalla @MarstellaRacal. Asa ka na province te?” taga cebu:)
β€œ@imdonitahope: @wendytabusalla ate wendy. Hi po. Isang goodluck naman po para sa akin sa debate po namin bukas. Pleeassee. πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ™β€goodluck!
β€œ@jansejanse9597: @wendytabusalla ate wends, pwede pachika po? Hehe :)) pla na dae ka bulan imo tiyan?” 8months na ako:)
β€œ@stableheart: @wendytabusalla @MarstellaRacal yehey! basta BISAYA mga GWAPA jud na :)))) agree mo mga bisaya ? :)))))” agree!
β€œ@petit_heart09: @wendytabusalla ate wendz, musta na kayo ni @CarloRomero15 jan? #CanDy ❀❀❀”ok nmn kami dito.:) ikaw?
β€œ@jansejanse9597: @wendytabusalla @MarstellaRacal hi ate wends, taga asa gni ka te? #FCmuch :D lol. Say Hi to please :)”taga cebu akong mama
β€œ@crishamaeracal: @wendytabusalla isang HI ate wendy :)” hello!
β€œ@alyssalabitoria: @wendytabusalla @MarstellaRacal wendy pasabi kay maris pansinin nya nmn ako... isang hi nmn jan wendy” hi!
β€œ@MarstellaRacal: Bisaya kong dako :)” bisaya sad ko :)
β€œ@MarstellaRacal: β€œ@wendytabusalla: @MarstellaRacal cute cute mo!!!” Hello ate Wendy! :) Salamat po sa support :)” love u sobra!
Congratulations @vimrushton @thejasonabalos! galing samin ni @CarloRomero15 ❀️
Alin ang totoong account ni Maris? di ko na sya napapanood sa PBB so sad.... gusto ko pa naman lagi nakikita muka nya.... 😒
β€œ@PBBabscbn: Good morning!!!!! Still high on last night's events! :)” congrats kuya! congrats sa buong pbb family!
β€œ@bernasjustin: @wendytabusalla miss u too! See you in october! πŸ‘ͺπŸΌβ€punta ka dito ah asahan kita???