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Felt like a 5 year old at @sandraceciliacampos's BBQ.... Well aside from the shots I took of course
The current view.... @sandraceciliacampos @edwardo745 @natalinekoftekian @robertcaliforniasavagewright
So this happened the other day... 💎
@loreinaann's birthday dinner with all the girls, just missing @keate44
Totally took up this whole photo 😝 but love her nonetheless 💗
Can someone please bring me some ice cream, please and thank you 😊💗 #latenightcravingdontjudgeme
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice 😜
Celebrating @desireefoote's 1 year, so proud of you my love 💗😘
Up close & personal, goodnight 😘
Just cause I love them 💗 I gotta show my girls some love @gracekoftekian and @abigailratchford beautiful inside and out. My forever #wcw go follow and show them some love 😘😘
Couldn't have said it any better myself 👌 #repost
How is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? 😩💗 just tickles my heart 🙈🐶
Tried to take a selfie but I practically melted in that 100 degree weather yesterday
Yea yea yea duck face, don't judge me. Spending time with my bubbala ghost white Sugartitts hooker lover 😘💗
Current mood #gn @cptdoug_thepug
So I tried my very own fishtail braid yesterday, pretty proud not gonna lie 👌
Payback's a bitch sweet cheeks @edwardo745 😈 #howboutdemapples
Sexual realness for sure 😜
Currently obsessed with these bad boys #peonies
Can't really consider this a #tbt but I'll post it nonetheless (: