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Like I can normally go till around 3am being fine but recently it's been 11pm-12 and I struggle to keep my eyes open.
Been getting so tired way earlier on a night recently.. d-d-don't tell me this is what growing up is.
Only one reply, I am disappointed in my bait.
Look at this picture and tell me Brian Eno isn't being controlled telepathically by a malevolent cat (via @fox_SJW)
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Group work is killing me
I need a cheesy Christmas jumper
God damn, I'm meant to be doing work and here I am looking at funny cat vines.
Probably the latter.
Some of the entities in this database don't even make sense, I can't tell if the work's been poorly written or if I'm just stupid.
12 Days of Xbox continues! RT for a chance to win an #XboxOne with Sunset Overdrive, @EASPORTSFIFA 15 & Titanfall!
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Said to myself that I'd do coursework today.. non done. I have the worst motivation.
Tonight's a ton of hot coffee, wrapped in 5 jumpers & sat next to the radiator coursework night.
Wanna play Alien Isolation but @TomSanders815 has legit robbed my Xbone controller
"The Witcher 3 delayed three months to May 19, 2015" WHAT
Merry Monday! Retweet for your chance to win an #XboxOne with Sunset Overdrive, Limbo and Threes!
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Shorty Come Out Like a Video Game Final Boss…
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Trying to encourage myself to attend every possible lecture this week but I know it just won't happen.
"@SoVeryBritish Making peace with the reality that your cold is now a permanent condition" Me.
Just over 3 weeks away from the "new year, new me" cunt brigade.
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Obviously it might be different in other episodes but for the first at least, it applies.
Not sure how I feel about Telltale's GoT game, it just feels like £22 to change some dialogue and ultimately end up at the same conclusion.
Ugh, do I stay up for @thegameawards or do I just see the results tomorrow #DecisionsDecisions
Cats stealing dog beds is the best thing ever.
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The woman sat next to me really is changing her babies nappy at the back of the bus, what in the fuck : ' )
Waited 30 minutes in the cold for the 52 to show up, ridiculously unreliable.
As long as the battle is epic in the new Hobbit, I'll enjoy it. I'm a sucker for a good battle.
Thought I'd try the new games of thrones game, first comment I read is the ending spoiler. : )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
"Critics are calling Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy "the new millennium’s answer to Star Wars” - own it today" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha no.
YotaPhone 2 is pretty smart.
The before and after of installing 49 Windows updates and being stuck in a BSOD loop.
Been "fixing" my laptop since 1pm. I'll never let this bitch fully die.
Finally got around to watching TWD.. manly tears.
Why did the public vote out the best part of I'm a Celeb?
Favourite one yet 😂
I haven't even seen the episode, Facebook ruined it for me #previoustweet
I hate the Walking Dead now, no reason to watch it any further #WHY
Make your Christmas a white One. Retweet for your chance to win an #XboxOne and Sunset Overdrive!
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Nobodies bought me an advent calendar, two years in a row #notloved
Royal Blood's album is just 👌
🐜🐜🐜🐜 (just imagine they're spiders ok) tonight!
Hmm @TheEvilWithin for £25 on Xbone is pretty tempting.
Looking forward to getting in from uni at 7 on a Friday night : ' )
So yeah, sometimes I'm too stupid for this course.