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American Horror Story is odd.
It's just me and this lad in the lecture room and he's listening to "I think we're only now" on his iPod. This is scary shit.
Buses like this in a morning are one of the many reasons I should just stay at home and become a professional dole receiver.
Holy fuck, Evil Within looks trash
I know what im going to be for halloween.... Drunk
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Up at 7 for this 9am lecture and the lecturer ain't even here, next lecture's at 12, love it :))))))))
Should maybe.. iron a shirt.. maybe.
Wanna Welly, don't wanna spend a full day at uni tomorrow regretting it #studentprobs
Aww man, asif Crystal Castles are splitting.
I don't understand why anyone is interested in Destiny. It feels like the most generic bland whatever.
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This shit's intense
Been on it 2 minutes and I already love the art style and approach of @AlienIsolation, so much alike with the films.
An old lady has sat next to me in McDs and she keeps mumbling/talking to herself. Help me.
If this 9:15 lecture ain't registered I'm never doing it ever again, fuck this
.@AlienIsolation pre-ordered, putting my student loan to good use.
What a bag of fucking shit that end of the night was.. On a positive note, my student loan has come in!
Welly tings
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside, one of my all time favourite songs
Finance SHOULD come in tomorrow #praying
Turns out my Dark Souls II save was never saved to Steam cloud, welp.. bye 100 hours of game play.
My laptop is finally back aliveeeeeeeeeeee
Just over an hours progress, fun fun fun
At least once a day I boil a kettle and forget about it until about an hour afterward.
My laptop's dying. Please don't die, I don't feel like spending 75% of my student loan on a new one..
BREAKING: Scottish leader Alex Salmond resigns after losing independence referendum #indyref
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Just stuck my arm out for an out of service bus :))))))
I just ran a bath, came back after leaving it to cool and a fucking spider is just chilling in the water. WHY.
Destiny (dunkview): via @YouTube
Not knowing whether to pre drink before pre drinks.
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Shutter Island is so good.
Guess some sleep could be nice
Aww man, didn't know The Raid was on TV. Absolutely awesome movie.
Fire at Nott uni looks horribly large.
So Nottingham Uni currently looks like this. Know plenty of people headed there...or at least they intend to be...
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Maybe played a little too much Dark Souls II today
Fuck it, Welly it is.
"@WhatTheFFacts 50% of humans stop growing in height when they reach 16 years of age." I only started growing AFTER I reached 16 #midget
If only our student loans came in before Freshers week.
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Me waiting for my student loan #previoustweet
Minority Report is a fucking great movie
Next ISIS will be declaring war on the sun because the day wasn't hot enough.