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"@ProblemsAtUni Primary/secondary/sixth form were free = went in every day Uni is 9k a year = never go in" Me
When I was little and visited my grandparents, I'd sit and play this game on my granddads PC for hours #nostalgiatrip
Some pikey cunt(s) tried breaking into my garage last night.
Somehow lost hearing in my left ear
"How's your coursework going?"
"Dr Matt Taylor’s shirt made me cry, too – with rage at his abusers | via @Telegraph" Boris is a top lad.
Based lecturer giving us an extension to our coursework deadline since so many people are struggling
TARS is an absolute bro
"@NorthernerLogic Getting home from any outing and immediately 'popping the kettle on'." Me
Seems the UK can't spell "Madeleine McCann" correctly..
Okay, time to see if Guardians of the Galaxy is actually "good".
Somebody save me from this JavaScript nightmare
Why do I have a million invites to play Pirate Kings on Facebook, fuck off.
Interstellar was amazing, an absolute emotional rollercoaster
Sooo my phone all of a sudden is not recieving texts from people, does anything else I own want to break before I go on a spending spree
"Philae is talking to us... We are on the comet" - Esa confirms Rosetta #cometlanding achieved
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After 4+ years of having to listen to my shit, my iPod is finally dying #rip
Twitter's lying to me, nobody speaks to me, ever.
This coursework ain't happening ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
bout a week agooo, week agooo
Seriously, where the fuck has this weekend gone
We spit blood in the sun, we spit blood in the ocean
Interstellar debuts in 2nd, Chris Nolan's first film in 12 years to not open at No. 1
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And Rohan will answer. Muster the Rohirrim.
The Beacons of Minas Tirith! The Beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid.
Fuck me, bonfire night has lasted a while
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FIRST GIVEAWAY - RT for your chance to win an Oculus shirt! Random winner will be selected.
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Knife Party's album leaked early 😍
Bed at this time, disgusting.
Still in uni labs at this time on a Friday is a killer
Not looking forward to 5 hours of lectures tomorrow with no break inbetween any and then finishing at 6 #FuckUni
Let's face it lads, the only pussy you've destroyed is your mums, when you came out of it 13 years ago.
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Gaaaaah fuck, I missed the program on Broadmoor
The German trademark filing that's making the rounds is a hoax. This didn't come from our offices.
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IT'S 'APPENING BOYZZZ "Fallout: Shadow of Boston?!?"
Aaaaaaaaand there's the first firework of the night
"@gamespot: Halo Wars Was underappreciated, Xbox Boss says." AGREED!
Dat lolly scene with the cop
Would happily watch The Walking Dead if it was just Beth every episode
Been given the most horrible coursework at uni and I honestly think I'm not going to be able to do it. #fucked
All my friends playing #AdvancedWarfareDayZERO and I'm here like
RT for your chance to win a copy of #TheEvilWithin on a platform of your choice! T&C's: UK & 18+ only
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#TheEvilWithWin Competition! Retweet & you could WIN a custom @TheEvilWithin #XboxOne & a host of other prizes!
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Cinema trip for Interstellar is definitely needed.