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Aww man, I actually like some of the tracks on Recess.
Dem shivers when the Rohirrim charge at helms deep #LOTR
"The Naked And Famous - Young Blood: via @YouTube" Jelly music gets me so hyped for tomorrow
Going to uni for an hour tomorrow just isn't happening.
Donate if you're really that bothered, don't go fishing for likes.
Because people don't know cancer exists unless I take a picture of myself without make-up, right? Because it's relevant, right?
#nomakeupselfie is as pointless as taking a picture of my shaven ballsack to raise awareness for testicular cancer.
47 Ronin would've been 10x better if it was Japanese with English subtitles. Some of the actors/actresses attempts at English are just..
Yes, I just re-tweeted news about the £1 coin. That's how exciting my life is.
New £1 coin, designed to be "most secure in world", to be introduced in 2017 - The Royal Mint
Retweeted by Tom
God, some the shit I read online rustles my jimmies to the max.
Drinking green tea for the first ever time since we've run out of normal teabags and it was all I could find in the cupboards #britprobs
"Islamic teacher who sexually abused girl, 11, spared jail via @MailOnline" Sack these pathetic overpaid judges!
Great.. desktop powers up (to some extent) but keyboard, mouse, etc doesn't.
Remember when I said I'd do coursework? it didn't happen.
How can they get away with forcing us to do 6 hours straight of lectures/tutorials without a break.
Mannnn cs:go is fun
Just bought me and my bro CS:GO, I guess coursework can wait..
Loopception is killing me #programming
Hannibal --> coursework --> takeaway --> movies/games/funshit. Day sorted.
I think an all-nighter is in order for tonight. Algorithm coursework and a game to make.