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Family surprised my grandma with Wembley tickets this morning, cutest thing ever 😊
b u z z i n g
Having to get up early tomorrow is going to be killer
Wallet's empty aside from a receipt for the Welly cash machine. Desperate times.
ska ska ska ska
Planet Earth and coffee, ultimate chill
Oh man, that POV video of the Virginia shooting.
What a night 😂
Today's involved watching as much Peaky Blinders as possible, somewhat addicting.
Do NOT make me regret this One Direction tattoo on my lower back, fellas.
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They're doing roadworks outside my house.. outside my house at half fucking one in the morning.
Mum managed to completely incinerate cupcakes 💯
So unbelievably hyped to see @porterrobinson, like one of the sole reasons for me going to @OfficialRandL
Whaaaaat, Flame and Citron's on Netflix
This is getting ridiculous.…
This is my sleeping pattern fucked for a good week now. Adios, morning wake ups.
Why am I listening to Drake at 5AM
I could eat cereal for every meal - breakfast, brunch, lunch, first dinner, second dinner, desert, late night snack.
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Also Vaporwave
Going into Fear the Walking Dead with the lowest possible expectations.
This weather ❤️
House Every Weekend came on upstairs last night, swiftly followed by an influx of Ellesse and Huarache wearing twats.
Or as Lee called it, "typical generic shithole pizza"
Antidotes is such a quality album
Endlessly worrying that there's some kind of university shit I've meant to have done over summer.
We're a disgrace as a British family, weather like this and no beer in the house
Never mind, sunrise is at 5:51, movie it is
Should probably get to bed before the sun rises and I have to witness my blinds shit attempt at blocking the sun
35 minutes into Unknown and I'm already frustrated, this is almost as bad as when I watch The Hunt.
Holy fuck, Twitch Plays Dark Souls made it out of the starting area
Nightmare material.
Imagine being one of those who's filmed whilst opening your GCSEs, failing and having to just force a smile toward the camera. Dying inside.
To be fair I was laid on my bed, topless, spilling Weetabix down me. I couldn't really argue against it.
"You're just becoming a slob, an absolute slob Tom" - Mum
my sister just got her GCSE results and now she's digging a massive hole in our garden I hope she's okay
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That pretty much sums up my day
Watched 4 movies in a row and I'm unbelievably tempted to move onto a fifth.
Jumpers firmly and securely back on. Next stop Christmas...
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(Schwarzenegger & Stallone)
how have a not seen Escape Plan, starring the two most alpha males in the universe.
Ahh yes, the inevitable grey clouds of despair
What is it with all the insects in the world wanting to suck out my soul when I venture outside

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