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Is 2AM a good time to start watching Letters from Iwo Jima? It is now.
What the fuck! RIP Robin Williams
TitanDuty: Advanced Jumping #AdvancedWarfareMP
Mum thought the 5 jets flying in formation over our house was a plane crashing due to the storm..
Loving this rain
Hurray, thunder!
Wide awake, waking up at 4:30(PM) was a big mistake.
Porter Robinson's new album is perfect
"Resident Evil 1 remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 Coming early 2015" yesyesyesyesyes
"@theenemyband Exciting news! December Tour with @the_twang. Pre-sale tickets Wednesday, full sale Friday!" Oh yes!
Like if you walked into my garden now and heard this shit, you'd turn around and run.
The topic of conversation between my aunts & uncles has somehow reached fingering + girls being "on the blob". This is at my granddads 70th.
Wanna Welly but my wallet says na
Orlando Bloom, what a legend.
Top brace has just been fitted, might as well just kill myself now.
Tomorrowland is amazing
THIS, SO MUCH THIS. My cough is awful.. "The cheap vodka giving British holidaymakers the Rushkinoff Cough"
Wish I was at @GlobalGathering 😭
Birthday Welly, why not!
19's a pretty mediocre age, not as awesome as 18 is and not as iconic as 20, it's basically the shit sandwiched between the good stuff.
Who am I? Tell 'em I'm Dr. Who
So ya, it's my birthday. Back to watching Misfits.
6 months free Amazon Prime for being a student ayyy
Ever so tempted to buy a PS4
Maga was unreal, birthday in two days to top it all off 👌
So close ✈✈☀
Misfits is so good!
Last minute shopping before holiday and it decides to piss it down (:
Brazil are an embarrassment
Feel crap, starting Misfits.
Welly yoo
Japanese engineers to build 60-foot Gundam robot
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Cameraman getting in a cheeky shot of a hot Argentina fan #NEDvsARG
Can't wait for the riots tonight in Brazil
Ok ya, it's thunder.
Can't tell if thunder or someone moving the dustbins outside my house
FFS. "@scully1888: Dangerous shit here from The Sun. Absolutely ridiculous."
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If they can get jobs, there's hope for me yet. #BenefitsBritain
"Another kid on benefits could soon be on the way" this narrator is very optimistic #BenefitsBritain
Becca and Sonny are moving up to the attic. Like cash in the attic. Except its taxpayers cash in the attic.... #BenefitsBritain
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Might have to start telling strangers I'm from York from now on, just so I'm not associated with this city #BenefitsBritain
Day 28, they still haven't noticed I'm not one of them
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Trust it to start raining as soon as I leave the house..