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When bae says she's going to bed so you start flirting with other girls on Twitter and she favs the whole convo
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Why did the whole 2012 thing not happen?
Stream the new Hail Mary Mallon album in full here - #Bestiary
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instead of "boyfriend" or "girlfriend", use gender neutral terms like: - Rival - Archnemesis - Vampire Lord - USS Enterprise - Mist Creature
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My favourite types of people are those who make me feel bad about not having my photo taken
What do you mean "Harry Potter is over," you bitch?
I'm 99.9% sure this girl fucks her brother
They act like they fuck with me and I act like I believe them
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Like no offense to people who aren't, it's just a joke.
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Do you ever fail a test and think "whatever, I'm still worth like three million dollars"
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wow what a fucked up show
my bb christian grey
I hate when I lose something and my parents are like "i guess you didnt care about it enough", like stfu u lost me in a grocery store before
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I don't even know of any Man City fans to make fun of
*cop knocks on window* New car who dis
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Sending prayers to my future husband really hope you're doing well in school cause ya girl is struggling
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The teacher surveilling us for the lock down told us she was going to send us out to get shot if we didn't shut up. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Every girl's weakness ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ’…
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Year 17: My mom still doesn't know that when she smokes everyone, in every room of the house, can smell it. Solid secret. Keep it up.
โ€œ@piersmorgan: @VincentKompany I know, I's just too painful. If I pay you ยฃ50m will you come and play for us?โ€ Great club but no.
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RT for Abdi from hilib halaal market FAV for Alex from Target
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@koenegin We're back up in it like an ex boyfriend getting a second bite at the cherry
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Same same. RT @BVB: CIIIIIIIIIRO FANTASTICO! #bvbgal 4-1
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Dortmund you kill me
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I still haven't figured out what keeps me from jumping in front of moving vehicles.
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Some remarkably average kid gets his photo taken at work and he gains half a million followers. #2014
*professional ghost hunter on tenth season of their own show* *uses iphone flashlight*
Manchester United off to their worst league start since 1986. Moyes did more with less. Most expensive team in PL history sitting 9th.
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my 100 word plot summary is 1000 words
khodarashokr ke emsal tamamshe dige ba in kesafata raftaamad nakhahim dasht
wow /friends/
im officially breaking up with Man Utd
I have a bad habit if looking at people and thinking: I fucking hate you
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"ye deghe alaki faz dadi ghati kardam"