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Roxana invites me over without telling Elnaz like it's nothing lmaoooo
No one could ever hate me more than my mom does so checkmate
You ever meet a dealer so fucked up but awesome that you wanna adopt them
"I use a 100 dollar bill as a bookmark and I've got one in every book I own"
@koenegin lol Persians are sexy, that just some dumb shit my cousin just said
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i'm getting Zlatan tattooed on my eyelids
RIP Unidan
"I tried at her everyday for like a month and then I just stopped" you got rejected after two days relax
People who defend Ottawa and the extent to which it is fucking boring have never left the province
I'm ok with it RT @FscoRocca: @DanBilzerian How does it feel to know that women are only with you for your money?
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QUOTE: Frank Lampard, 2013: "I can't imagine playing for another PL club after 12 years at Chelsea. I couldn't do it"
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Why tweet about your relationship issues when you can shut the fuck up
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Ebola... But can we talk about the Elantra and Sonata outbreak for a second
I haven't been camping once this summer so what the fuck has been the point of staying in this country
I can't stand being ignored
:) :( :) :( :)
When is Real gonna buy Neuer
IT'S OFFICIAL! With 109,318 fans in Michigan Stadium, Man Utd vs Real Madrid is now the highest-attended soccer match in US history!
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The chevy logo is absolutely disgusting why is it so big
chicha brought it back baby
Do I celebrate when both teams score??? The confliction is dreadful... #GGMU... #HalaMadrid
Someone deliver a mickey to my house I'll pay you
Cristiano Ronaldo: “I love Manchester so to be back, you never know. In football you never know. I never close doors”
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Why would the first thing you say to me upon sitting next to me on the bus be "Where do you live?"
I just wanna be in Iran
not sure if terminally ill or just way too high
I need chicken nuggets in my body right this second
my mom thinks that the appropriate time to scream in my ear about all the things that I've done wrong in my life is when I'm driving
RAÚL will return to Real Madrid as Sporting Director. [El Mundo]
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If I die young, bury me in Gucci
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Life's ill, sometimes life might kill, sometimes prayers dwindle
*opens philosopher's stone for the 87th time* *sobs*
If you go to my school you can just assume that I hate you.
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Place d'orleans was created so you can run into people you weren't trying to run into
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you can spot a persian from a mile away by his fake hermès belt
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look down at your hands and realize that fake nails are not for everybody
where do i buy the stamina to run a 10k