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Thomas Forgione
Some business owners only exposure to #marketing is what they experience personally. If they don't respond they think it doesn't work. #fail
If your #marketing consultant doesn't ask this question run. If I achieve an additional (number) sales can you prove you can handle it.
Print advertising is not dead. If it's done correctly and serves your customer demographic. Do a test.#marketing
Takes 100 hours or more to train a salesperson. It takes about 20 hours to set up #autoresponders. Did a bell go off yet? #marketing
Happy Fourth of July! We won the revolution because of a dream, implementation and hitting the goal. A lot like #marketing
Twp. of Union Schools (Union Co.) - 5th Grade Language Arts Teacher #nj #teaching #jobs #education
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I will say it again, bravo! #chobani on the commercial. #marketing #allequal
Do you hire a #socialmedia manager under 30 but doesn't know how to be social or hire someone who's over 40 that knows how to be social?
I'm amazed by companies that sell a high ticket item that have no lower priced loss leader to get customers that are on the fence. #sales
Your #marketing stinks because you're not paying attention to what your customers want.
#sales is not hard. 1) present a true solution. 2) be a resource 3) don't be a jerk.
Thank you @HarlanCoben for this extraordinary adventure. One of the most amazing person I have ever met.
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Love speaking at #marketing seminars when they go from stone face I know it all to smiling, applauding I'm going to try that.
I'll be training #Realtors how to market their homes better today. Get ready for an uptick in the market. :-) #marketing
St. John Vianney HS (Monmouth Co.) - Asst. Girls Soccer Coaches #nj #coaching #jobs #education
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Google's #Gmail now has an undo send feature. All the divorce lawyers just sighed.
I would like to thank Chief Little and Captain Lenox and the officers and staff of the Toms River Police...
Happy Father's Day!
If you want to do well in business, sometimes you have to treat your customers better than your family.
Helping SCORE produce #marketing seminars in ocean county, New Jersey.
Stupid #marketing blunder. Not using your email signature on your cell phone properly.
Website owners, this is a must read. 10 Tips to Improve Your Website Security @sucuri_security
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There are many numbers to be concerned with when #marketing and #advertising. One of the most important is CPA. (Cost per acquisition)
Me, you need to blog. Client, I will hire someone to help. Me, you need video testimonials. Client, absolutely. Me, kiss me. :-) #marketing
What busy work do you do on a daily basis that prevents you from #marketing your business correctly?
Lot's of #marketing information on the web. BUT be careful. Would you perform a surgery on yourself after watching a YouTube video?
Report: 4 police killings in 24 hours bring total to 500 via @USATODAY
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I'm empathetic to business owners and their stress. But if they think they have stress try being responsible for 60 businesses #marketing
I just can't understand in the database age we currently live in, why a business would guess at who their customers are. #marketing
A reader from Spain @marcterres was kind enough to send this Bolitar pic.
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Educators! Enjoy savings on your insurance rates with our partner Teachers' Insurance of NJ!
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Have you tested your Facebook boosted posts with pictures of puppies and babies instead of products? What were your results? #marketing
What is your favorite email platform? #constantcontact #aweber #getresponse etc? Why?
Did you know we have also provided direct mail services for over 10 years? For example 1,000 full color, two...
Email marketing with automation is a must for all businesses today. BUT remember if the email platform is not...
Let's do the math. We will assume your #website gets about 3,000 visitors per month that are actually looking for...
We just reached 4,670 potential clients for $25.00. Do you want us to show you how we did it?
Here is a phrase of the day. Custom Audiences. #marketing
A #sales tip for you. If you don't know the person you're calling don't ask how's it's going? Just start with hello and how you can help.
What do you want to bet that your best competitors know what you're doing? Do you know what they are doing? #marketingstrategy
Hoboken Board of Education (Hudson Co.) - Assistant to the Business Administrator #nj #teaching #jobs #education
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The FIRST thing you need to do to get more people to sign up for your email list is to STOP CALLING IT A...
Do you change the #advertising that's working because you're tired of looking at it? You failed. Only change it when it stops producing.
Be careful when saying yes to any form of #advertising. There are many questions the salesperson must answer...
People make the mistake of self-diagnosing their #marketing problems on the web, similar to what people do before they go to the doctor.
Finding a competent #marketing professional with 20 years experience in traditional and digital is hard. Contacting me is easy. :-)
#marketing trickles down to the customer experience. If you're a physician review how many forms a new patient fills out bi-yearly

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