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Thomas Forgione
If your #CRM will not allow an upload of data then find another one fast. #sales
the biggest obvious problem with #marketing is not the lack of ideas but the lack of time for implementation.
Your #website home page is where your customers decide to do business with you or not so make sure the copy is...
So many people are bored with #socialmedia I wonder how many more years it has left? We need something better.
#restaurants unless a special order, 15 mins max from order to food. Each second longer decreases your chances of a repeat customer.
Launched another #website today. Go see. You will love their products.
Launched another one today. Go check them out. You'll love there items.
What are your #marketing plans for today?
Always put the most expensive items on the highest, easily accessible shelf. Cheap stuf is assumed on the bottom. #retail #marketing
Unfortunately, we see these scams on a weekly basis... Last week, This Gentlemen was scammed out of more than $79,000 @mpLASD
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Please stop sending your hard earned money to these people! 18 transactions totaling $79,805.63 sent to Nigeria.
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Want to become a better #salesperson in four steps? Don't sell. Educate, educate, educate, close. Rinse and repeat.
What's the real reason a company would name its product #dumploaf ? What's next the yellow snow cone maker? #marketing
What idiot approved this name?
Sustainability, my biggest fear - Police union wants school district to reconsider cutting SROs…
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Brilliant Idea: Government can save ~$234M annually by switching font to Garamond, #nudge via @jooajulialee
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Community medical center charges $5 for parking. Can't they just add $5 to each $1,000 Kleenex? :-)
Am crossing the line? #marketing is like sex. The more you do it the better you get and the more you want. Now get marketing!
Pay your #employees extra for bringing in new #business.
I could tell you age, income, sex, hobbies, favorite food, etc of the people that come to your #website And it's free. Interested?
It's terrible that schools don't teach hardcore, real world #marketing people need when they are in the workforce.
Facebook, Twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, pinterest, blogging, YouTube. If your customers use them frequently then you need to as well.
If you look back and there's no one behind you be warned as you might not be first you might be last.