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Thomas Forgione
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When did awesome overtake excellent?
As a kid had a Herman Munster doll. Pull the string he said "don't worry things are bound to get worse" like when you stop #marketing.
What #marketing are you willing to do that will shock your customers? #marketingideas
How Do You Tell Your Customers About Your Products And Services
How Do You Tell Your Customers About Your Products And Services: Did you ever speak with a customer and they t...
How Do You Tell Your Customers About Your Products And Services
Close your eyes and think of a day when all of your #marketing is generating #sales. Now open your eyes and call me. :-)
Enough already! Here is how to get more leads! RT this.
Hey #DOAC ! I was in AC the other day and I have a suggestion that might fix your problems. Customer retention for non gamblers.
It's not too late to market your company for this holiday season. But you better call today. #marketing #retail
Do you prefer blogs that also incorporate the writer's personal life if its a business?
Here is a business changing offer that no marketing person I know would ever extend. If you are in business or...
Know a business that needs professional #marketing counsel? I work with one local company pro bono per year. Contact me through twitter.
Go ahead. Ask me anything. #marketing
It's amazing how many people hire me and then become instant #marketing geniuses.
How much are you willing to spend daily for qualified #blog readership? #marketing
Don't have time to write a book? Create an information product that you can give away to attract leads. #marketing
My book is at the editor! Of course it's about #marketing but with special sauce.
It's amazing to me how many of us tout the benefits of #education based #marketing. But so few companies actually do it.
Amazing how many #companies #socialmedia is done wrong. They should take the time they waste doing it wrong learning to do it right.
Need more leads for your business? Go see what I've done for you.
Make sure you use your customer data correctly....
Consumers increasingly turned off by irrelevant brand communications. 2/3 have unsubscribed
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A huge part of developing a #website is knowing what to put on it to turn visitors into customers. #marketing
When was the last time you did a competitive analysis? #marketing
Because of the passing of my mother in law I postponed the launch of a free product I created but I will be...
When will #business owners finally understand the importance of having a email list of people who actually want what you're selling?
Want a old school lesson in#marketing? Go out and get your hands dirty shaking others hands. No dead fish hand shakes please.
Returned a router to #Staples mon. Asst manager shows the clerk how to determine if the right product is in the box. #customerservice #fail
The first step in fixing your#marketing problems is admitting you have a problem.
Attention #salespeople. If you are using a leave behind make sure you point out what you spoke about by notation. #marketing
#business as usual means you're not doing anything better than the competition. Oh it also means you are afraid. #marketing
Based on the survey results from all of you. (Thank you!) I will be launching something great next week. If you...
I will be launching something great next week. If you own a #business that needs #salesleads then stay tuned. Did I mention it is free?
Tried everything but still can't seem to launch a successful #marketing campaign? Call me and I will stop the bleeding.
Hey @GovChristie ! Looking for a #marketing person for your save AC committee? Give me a call.
#Revel closed today proving that nobody likes being pushed around.
We all have #marketing secret. Here is mine. Treat your customers better than family.
#showboat in #AtlanticCity is closing. What happens to a casino when it closes? Will it become a large crack house?
If you are reading this I just proved that social #contentmarketing works. Want to learn more? Let me know.
Just because you don't respond to #emailmarketing doesn't mean your customers will not.
If you haven't revisited your #website #marketing strategy in over a year then you've lost money and probably a lot of it. Period.
#advertising with #billboards? Make sure you do a area study to see if it's a high traffic placement. Check area demographics too.
If you do not have a strategy to capture #leads on your website then you are missing the boat. There are so many...
It's amazing how many #business owners become #marketing experts after you tell them how much it costs. :-)
There are days I don't feel like writing. And then there are days... no, that first sentence kinda says it all. #WriteAnyway
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Will #AtlanticCity learn appealing to daily gamblers made it the most money & stop trying to make it "family friendly"? #fail
The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors. #NapoleonHill
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Don't be foolish. If I can't identify hidden ways for your #business to make more money then you don't pay. #marketing #sales