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Thomas Forgione
Would you rather make money or be right? #marketingcoach
Got another new client because they were disappointed by a company that owns radio stations #socialmedia results. Keep them coming.
For those missing our dads this weekend, here's my Father's Day short story for @nytimes a few years back.
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Having great, branded business cards are nice. But don't forget to hand them out daily. #marketing
Use educational #marketing to obtain more clients. need more?
Put me to the test . If my #marketing strategy doesn't work for your business then you don't pay for the counsel. RT that.
The big question you should ask yourself before you start a #business is "can I take advice from others?" If no, then don't start.
If fear stops you from making the sales call then you're not a professional #salesperson .
So I want to elaborate a bit on what I said earlier about ezines. When someone comes to your business asking you...
If an ad salesperson says their ezine gets a high click through rate make sure they mean the ads not the articles. #marketing
If you tie up a #restaurant table for a few hours and close a big deal do you still only tip the server 20 percent? I hope not.
Only a foolish business owner counts on #SEO too heavily. It should only be part of the overall strategic #marketing mix.
Just wanted to say thank you.
Amazing how the #dumpcake is still selling. What's next poopy pie?
Did you know the new #googlecar can fly? Shhh it's a secret.
If you want people to read your #email #marketing then send them something they are interested in. #notrocketscience
Am I captain obvious when I say stand in front of your company logo when creating a #video? Stage right or left of it will work.
As @TheZigZiglar says ALL #salespeople are on commission. So make that extra phone call before quitting time.
Afraid of making a wrong #marketing move? Don't worry, I got your back.
#SocialMediaMarketing is only effective if it brings a return on engagement. ANY #marketing that is not fruitful is a waste.
A radio station looking for #socialmedia clients asks "did you ever wonder how to make your business more interactive?" Idiots.
Went to #rubytuesdays in Tom's River. Lets just say never ever ever ever again. Had to hit the Chinese buffet.
One of the reasons people abandon a #website shopping cart is because they are shocked by the shipping charges? #marketing