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Kiev is running out of men who want to murder women & kids, has recruited a new troop. Raw recruits inspect vehicles.
Self-proclaimed Donetsk republic to hold polls despite law on special status
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German drones cannot fly in Ukraine in winter for technical reasons
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Law on special status for Donbass should not be used for campaign goals — Russia MP
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Ukraine gave cause for Crimea’s accession to Russia — Lukashenko
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Mating in the Mara. One of my images on the ‘100 Amazing Images from the Mara’ now on the @WildEyeSA blog! #share
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Obama's uncle was deported & sent back to Kenya. Were it not for you @AlohaArleen I would regret Hawaii beiing the 50th state....
HM the Queen to Obama: Habarigane, toto. Obama: Jambo, bwana. Queen: Those people are vulgarians. Obama: Me bomb Vulgaria now then, bwana.
If you have any honor you will watch this. The evil these people gave their lives to end is back & we must stop...
@AFK_10 @WeatherPlanet Me too, #Putin pays well to me as a dutch,half italian,living most of time in Spain.Sometimes in Russia to take money
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Sorry I kept on about RT's Nazi collaborator Shapovalova. But honestly, posting fake pics & saying I'm a grave robber. She is ill.
Kiev forces are abucting civilians for forced labour to dig pits & trenches. They are abused & many do not return. Source: Strelkov on VK
In occupied areas, girls as young as 12 are abducted, raped, tortured, killed, thrown in pits with dismembered & beheaded by Kiev forces.
Kiev is stealing organs from civilians, POWs & wounded Ukraine army for sale on black market. Bodies in mass pits found with missing organs.
Warning to Donbass people: prisoner exchange coming up, which means they will kidnap more civilians to replace POWs they have murdered.
Prisoner swap between Donetsk militias and Ukrainian troops to be resumed soon
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Poroshenko signs law on special status for Donbass
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@WeatherPlanet Been called a Russian Troll, I am also being paid by Putin & the Kremlin apparently. Not bad for a guy from Scotland lol
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The Kiev regime is such a shower of bastards that I had to tell one of the reporters to take TV off her helmet cause they target journalists
While I was watching Maria Finoshina & Paula Slier being fired on & nearly killed, RT Headline News was lying saying "ceasefire is holding"
Захваченные в плен бойцы батальона "Айдар". Ваше мнение, что с ними нужно делать?
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Do I work for RT? Well, I don't parade about in high heels in short dresses, wearing too much makeup & cheap jewellery like a piece of trade
I've been accused of being a Nazi, KGB, Kremlin agent, a grave robber, a "Russian troll" and working for RT, which is probably the worst.
Out at #MH17 crash site, fuselage and debris are strewn over fields for miles at site near Torez, 70km from #Donetsk.
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#MH17 site is vast, and deserted. Today, a couple of Dutch journos for a few minutes, some locals, that's all there.
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Enough talk about worthless painted bunny boilers. I'm sure you don't want that abnormality. But neither do I & I want rid of her.
Beware of accounts with small followings, which prima facie are pro-Donbass but which are, like Shapovalova's, just hate spam.
Your pro-Nazi presenter Yulia Shapovalova should be referred for mental health counselling. You should reconsider her position at @RT_com
Using aggregator, we discovered RT presenter Yulia N. Shapovalova collaborating with Ukraine neo-Nazis up to at least July 30. @RT_com
Shapovalova gave my private medical details to RT producer. She contacted Islamic State terrorists (who contacted me) & Albanian pedophiles
With nearly 2 million followers total,I'm the biggest private individual in this information war.But only had death threats from Shapovalova
So, Nazi trolls claim that I was a grave robber, that Russians nuclear bombed Lugansk airport, & that @GrahamWP_UK wrote Rocky Horror Show
Kiev Nazi collaborator RT's Yulia Shapovalova is being investigated for threats to kill & incitement to murder me.
Pro-Kiev trolls have a habit of posting fake pictures of people, so I am in illustrious company like poor @GrahamWP_UK
Pro-Kiev Nazi RT presenter Yulia Shapovalova (7 accounts suspended by Twitter) now claims I used to be a grave robber
Form an independent commission to investigate Israeli crimes against Palestinians.…
Bring 100 Palestinian Children to Canada for Desperately Needed Medical Attention…
If you have any honor you will watch this. The evil these people gave their lives to end is back & we must stop it.…
"If it walks lil a Nazi and quacks like a Nazi - it's the Far Right." My latest for @RT_com…
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Message of a german #Novorossiya Self Defense volunteer to the german people/nation… interviewed via @ley_la #Ukraine
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You & your foul gang & McCain turned me against America @BarackObama you evil, lying, abomination from hell.
The Bandera supporters in Ukraine, honored this week by Kiev Nazis, committed worst European war crimes of WWII.
Americans,British,Canadians gave lives to liberate Europe from Nazis. Now the Nazis of Kiev,worse than the Germans,tyrannise with US support
Dr at Caen hospital made red cross with bloodstained blankets.Allied bombers saw. He saved hospital. More French died than all military DDay
French man died trapped in Caen cellar.He'd left note:said he knew he would die but France would be liberated.He blessed the allies & France