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Abhishek Sharma
I am not in this world to live up to other people's expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine. - Fritz Perls
Trying to grow a #beard after I read about its various health benefits but its not growing like the way I wanted! 😳q
Every war being fought today results in a #Rothschild bank installed as the centralised currency provider in what was a former free nation.
#Mossad isn't Israel's Intelligence agency, its a #Rothschilds enforcement agency representing their global agenda and not people of #Israel
#Zionism is a political creed meant to achieve the goals of #Illuminati controlled by the #Rothschild & they don't give a damn about #Jews
@TheEconomist Nobody comes close to #JohnLennon in #Beatles , other members looked up to him. He was the soul & true leader of #TheBeatles
No problem of human destiny is beyond humans. Our reason & spirit have often solved seemingly unsolvable & I believe we can do it again #JFK
The reason #Elites have been reigning so long is because they are united & the only reason we are failing so long is because we are divided.
Instead of following the message, why are people busy following the messengers? #Religion is a man made phenomena meant to control our minds
No matter where I go, all I see is my own self! #empathy #kindness #compassion #Humanity & That's all that matters!
@MirzaSania & @Leander should start playing mixed doubles together asap if you two want to have a feasible shot at the #olympics next year!
It looks as if people don't want to hear the #truth because they don't want the cobweb of #illusions around them to be destroyed. #Seektruth
I look at the world the way I want to & not the way the world has told me to! I don't want to be part of this ignorant herd. #Trustnobody
The overall #system that a common man keeps blaming all the time was never actually broken... It was always meant to be this way!!
What if I told you #reality is much more stranger than fiction! Things are not like what we see! #deception is for #ignorants We seek #truth
@BillGates Sir, There are only 2 reasons for #poverty , one is intention & second is corruption. Alleviating Worldwide poverty is possible!
Saddened by a fact that a piece of paper controls our lives #money Imagine an economy free of quid pro quo with equitable wealth for all. βœ‚πŸ’±
Without causing #socioeconomic & #political unrest , the hidden agendas of the #elites can never be fulfilled through all their puppets!
Two Quotes by Napolean that defined History for me.. 1.History belongs to the victors! 2.History is a set of lies! Be #fearless historians!!
I have got these strange skin marks since I was 15. In Nov 2008, I woke up to find these patterns on my skin #Aliens
It's fishy how #ISIS terrorists never target Israel. It's funny because their biggest enemy in that region is Israel. Deceptive False Flag?
Surrounded by ignorant idiots all around me! #Consumerism I wasn't born for this & I will not die for this! I want to do things that matters
Theoretical Philosophies that I truly believe in... Eternalism, Multiverse, Solipsism, Brain in a Jar, Idealist, Phenomenalism #Contemplate
@BBCWorld I like the 4th one (Black, White, Red & Blue) Combo. Though 2nd is similar but 4th one is unique & the Black is identified with NZ
@TheEconomist @PMOIndia @narendramodi @makeinindia Now, even international media has started pointing you out. All hat & no cattle. Gutted.
99%+ humanity is part of consumerist global economy meant to be ignorant, obedient, laborious & productive. Robotic Slaves who can't think! #KingsUnited won bronze at World hip hop Championship. You guys made #India proud. Suresh & Vernon's Legacy lives on
Farming in Masters have become a key strategy in #clashofclans high loots & free shields all the time! @ClashofClans
Easily available Gold in #BoomBeach can't be utilized once radar search is done & armory upgrades are on. @BoomBeach
Watch for your mother's sake!
I liked a @YouTube video from @OfficialHHI SNV (India) 2012 World Hip Hop Dance Championship (Adult)
The most expensive building in #BoomBeach is going to be mine soon. The Level 5 Weapon Lab @BoomBeachGame #supercell
The real heroes who made this possible! Thanks Guys. @supercellgames rocks! πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ Boom Beach: Team Behind the ✌
listening to Thinking Out Loud in Ladakh
@supercellgames @BoomBeachGame Our task force is looking for highly active & loyal players to join India #8022L8U
I liked a @YouTube video Mauka Mauka (India vs Bangladesh) - ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Fear has two meanings- Forget Everything And Run Or Face Everything And Rise The choice is yours...
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@supercellgames Upgrading my Headquarters to Level 18 @BoomBeachGame #BoomBeach is really an highly addictive game.
@supercellgames @ClashofClans I always knew that Barbarian King and Archer Queen were up to something. Gotcha!!! πŸ’n
@BoomBeachGame has replaced @ClashofClans as my favorite @supercellgames I am the leader of task force India #8022L8U
@crazyphoton Hello Gaurav The Superman, I have contacted you on your mail. It would be great if u could have a look at it & share your views
@narendramodi Sir, stop campaigning and start governing. You speak pretty well but actions speak louder than words. Start delivering now.
I would love to see @AamAadmiParty win the Delhi Elections with a clear majority @thekiranbedi & @BJP4India should wait Sorry @narendramodi
I have joined @BillGates & @melindagates bid against poverty as a Global Citizen to make fighting poverty a priority
@StarSportsIndia Guys, At what time will you be announcing #OwnTheJersey results today? Fingers crossed & highly hopeful of winning it!! ✌
@thekiranbedi Do you really think that @BJP4India will let you run the government the way you want to? I highly doubt that this will happen.
@TheEllenShow Ellen, You can make your own country with the 38.3 M followers you have got. I wonder what it will be called.. #EllenEmpire
@StarSportsIndia Mohammad Kaif holds the record for highest number of catches in a single innings in world cup. He took 4. #OwnTheJersey

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