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- W. Brett Wilson -
The #KillerB's with the Chairman and founder of @WestJet Mr Clive Beddoe ;) at the @DavidFosterFDN gala in #YYC
15 minutes ago, "the" Steven Tyler hopped up onstage to sing the "whoas" on 3-2-1. I'm speechless.
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Anyone with 1st hand experience with #ayahuasca? Why use? Success?…
This isn't going to end well for THIS #Militant - there will be a movie - hopefully soon -…
Am more the curious about the new @BlackBerry #Passport - always missed the keyboard - left because of BB arrogance - time to look again?
Kinda like this #Phoenix thing. A little heat. A little sand. A lot of grass. #ForgotMyClubsDammit
Done in #KansasCity - found a flight on @SouthwestAir that goes West to warmer climates. #WorksForMeTonight
I just used @Uber in Kansas City - note to file for #Calgary politicians - believe it or not - the ride was safe and courteous! #UberYYCPls!
My dear friend @donaldamero just released his GREAT #Kickstarter teaser video: - Cant wait for his new music!
#QUOTE - "While ignorance might be bliss - knowledge has power" - Anon - #KnowledgeWontKillYou, #IgnoranceMight - Brett
#Insights The 7 Virtues: The fragrance company which makes you smell as wonderful as the good you’re putting back...
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#QUOTE - "There are 2 secrets to success in business. #1 - don't share everything you know." - anonymous ;)
If it bends easily - I don't think I want it.
#QUOTE - "We are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy". But we are ... or at least I am. ..
"#KansasCity here I come" - what a great line - could be a song if I could think of more words ... #LookForward :)
Thanks .@WBrettWilson for York entrepreneurship talk about redefining success, as well as book. My blog about them -…
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Leaving YYC. I think Denver would be nice to visit for an hour or two.
#TossItTuesday just for #Kelowna! RT to enter to win a 3 month membership to #Kelowna's @Global_Fitness & this shirt!
Tired of smears against Alberta, one-man oil sands advocate takes on celebrities in PR war
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Get paid to learn before starting a business! Read to see what I mean by this in a Q&A session with @AffluenceAvenue:
Loving this story of Canadian entrepreneurial success - @KckngHrseCoffee -about to kick some USA #CoffeeAss :)… PlsRT
#QUOTE "We are very far from the knowledge needed to make good climate policy," Scientist Koonin… - Y/N @algore??
#QUOTE "We're very far from the knowledge needed to make good climate policy," Scientist Koonin… - Y/N @NaomiAKlein??
#QUOTE "We are very far from the knowledge needed to make good climate policy," Scientist Koonin… - Y/N @DavidSuzuki?
Here is something to bring a smile/tear to your face! Three year old breaks military protocol with a great big hug
.@MOA_UBC is a world class gem in #YVR - I must return - to the world of west-coast #anthropology - fascinating.
#Kelowna’s @Global_Fitness open house with celebrity fitness trainer @TommyEurope is Mon at 4:30. Join us and say hi!
.@DavidSuzuki just shared he's NOT a climatologist & very rudely dismissed someone wanting to ask a climate question. #HardlyAProfessional
.@thebrainbuzz is Dr. Cynthia Green on twitter - she is a great scientist - her story #BrainHealth - is worth a look. #TrustMeOnThis
.@MarcusLuttrell is telling his amazing life story - about discipline & respect & #OperationRedWings - look it up. #GreatSpeaker
#QUOTE - "The truth is - entrepreneurial thinking can be taught." - @haskayneschool of Business - #BelieveIt #LiveIt
Vote for @ZGM_marketing for the Small Business Week Awards! Only one click away #SBWYYC via @CalgaryChamber
With my bud Brett Wilson at Canoe conference in Vancouver !@WBrettWilson
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.@WBrettWilson, looking forward to joining you at your @Global_Fitness Open House next Monday! Will you #SHRED it out at my #bootcamp?
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My gosh I love #Vancouver ... (On a sunny day)
I greatly enjoy the work of @codyincalgary using facts rather than innuendo on defending the #Oilsands and #Canada -…
I am fundamentally opposed to #Scotland leaving the #UK - and while I don't get to vote - I sure hope that a thoughtful outcome prevails ...
Now at the #YYC airport - wandering onto the next plane that will take me somewhere interesting. Look forward to some sleep :)
My son & his partner are running in the #SydneyAUS marathon in support of @mssociety! Pls donate - I have: #ProudPapa
#LisaneNoelRyan is the winner of this week's #TossItTuesday reflexology mat! Please email to claim your prize.
Relax with this week's #TossItTuesday – A reflexology foot massage mat! RT to enter!