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Wayne McCullough
My class ring! Black/red/arrow are my school colors and emblem 🎓 Personalized stack and diamonds finish it off!
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Agreed! RT @GavinMcCullagh: @WayneMcCullough insults are a form of jealousy rocket
Insults are my favorite :) And with that I bid u goodnight lol Off to the beach tomorrow! Looking forward to a nice long run #CaliforniaSun
What a pathetic question to ask! #legend RT @CarlCarmcg: @WayneMcCullough do u agree Carl frame tons going 2B bigger and better than u
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Back at it guys. Catch ya later! Here we go @BoxNBurn!!!
@WayneMcCullough you're a boss. Respect for everything you achieved in #boxing It's a pleasure watching your fights.
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One of my fav fights! RT @skodabanton099 @terrible100 vs @WayneMcCullough unbelievable exch, esp in 11 and 12. Love watching these classics
Only because he ran from me! RT @Mojo_h35: @WayneMcCullough Was Naz Hard 2 Hit Clean. ?
Thank u! RT @skodabanton099: Just watched @WayneMcCullough in his fight with Prince Naseem. Cracking effort and a class act at the end
@WayneMcCullough i look forward t one day training with the champ.....ur clients shud realise how lucky they are... #trainingwithAlegend
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Had a fun morning / afternoon @UniStudios with @TheWyMac and @Mrs_Rocket. Now off to @BoxNBurn to make my clients sweat!!! #fun #boxing
For all my followers/readers in #USA & beyond affected by the #911 anniversery, my thoughts & prayers go out to you! God Bless you all x
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Thanks mate :) RT @nozkel: @WayneMcCullough ya a great man Wayne..met ya twice,and ill never forget meeting the #pocketrocket :)
I thank God every day for Cheryl and Wynona because if it wasn't for them ..... #worldsuicidepreventionday
It's a daily struggle! RT @NLBothwell Just wondering how you are @WayneMcCullough #WorldSuicidePreventionDay ask a friend how they're doing.
Late night training sessions with my fighters @BoxNBurn in #SantaMonica :) Gotta love their dedication! #boxing #champ
Killer ab session @boxnburnbrentwood tonight!!! #trainwithWayne
Hearing that always brings a smile to my face :) #belfastboy RT @boxingnut92 @NextBigFight of course! Your a Shankill hero!!
Congrats! RT @MikeChandlerMMA: So happy to be married to my best friend. Thank you Lord for such an amazing blessing…
Congrats Northern Ireland!!! FULL TIME Hungary 1-2 Northern Ireland #HungaryNorthernIreland #uefa
It's been a long but enjoyable day. Rest day tomorrow and then back to the grind on Monday! Goodnight and God Bless :)
@WayneMcCullough It Been A long Time That We Have A New WorldChampion U Where R last 1 #Legend.
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Thank u #ifeelold haha RT @Chrisoco_09: @WayneMcCullough definitely! I have followed your career since the Barcelona Olympics! Gr8 fighter
Today @UFCGymGValley ufc fighter autograph signing with these guys! #vegas Join US tomorrow for the…
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@WayneMcCullough @RealCFrampton brilliant! he's in a special group of Belfast champions
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Definitely :) #goodtimes RT @Life2thefulI Im sure it brings back some fantastic memories for you #Goodtimes #WorldChamp #Masterclass
Thank u for the support - but I'm not done yet :) RT @sharvey07: @Chrisoco_09 @cromscott @aaron_c91 thank u for the memories wayne
@Chrisoco_09 @WayneMcCullough @cromscott @aaron_c91 best fighter come out the whole of ireland north or south no doubt bout it
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@cromscott @WayneMcCullough @aaron_c91 for me the best fighter to ever come out of Northern Ireland!!
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@WayneMcCullough @RealCFrampton was a top performance Wayne, just like you used to do it!!! You showed us the way!
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Whoever wins it's been a great fight between Carl Frampton and Kiko Martinez #boxing @boxnationtv
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@aaron_c91 @WayneMcCullough There's no fighters like him, never taking a step back. Hard bastard you Wayne.
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Yep! RT @aplayatobenamed: @WayneMcCullough @BoxNBurn #beenthere I bet you could still throw 80 punches in a Rd Wayne #PocketRocket
I wish it was me! RT @aaron_c91: @WayneMcCullough @cromscott lol it's marco McCullough
Retired? What??? Not me! RT @cromscott: I thought @WayneMcCullough had retired, what you doing fighting in Belfast.