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Wellness Way Chiro
“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.” - Paul Meyer
Know someone who suffers from fibromyalgia? Did you know chiropractic care can make a huge difference?
Think chiropractic is too expensive? Think again: How Cost-Effective Is Chiropractic Care?
Microdiskectomy Surgery vs. Chiropractic Care For Sciatica: What Every Patient Should Know –
Pain in the Forecast: Exploring The Link Between Joint Pain & Weather Changes
Chronic Inflammation: The New "Silent Killer" -
BACK To School: Backpacks shouldn't mean back pain!
When was the last time you were adjusted? We'd love to get you started with #chiropractic care this week! Call 414-367-6050 for an appt!
Packers Quarterback @AaronRodgers12 Has Deep Roots in Chiropractic –
Bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea? IBS? Crohn's? New research shows how chiropractic care can help –
“Our health is what we make of it - give it attention and it improves, give it none and it subsides.” ―John F. Demartini
Can A Chiropractor Help With Car Accident Injuries?
While medicine has had varying degrees of success with #fibromyalgia, chiro has skyrocketed in popularity. Read why:
In a study on chiropractic care for chronic low back pain patients, 87% found complete relief within 3 weeks!
Think chiropractic is too expensive? Think again: How Cost-Effective Is Chiropractic Care?
“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Research shows benefits of #chiropractic care for #kids: improved immune systems, better sleep, happier dispositions!
Need proof that #chiropractic works? A patient's x-rays before and after their treatment plan at Wellness Way Chiro:
FACT: According to the journal SPINE, the risk of having an adverse reaction after an adjustment is slim to none!
How long has it been since your last #chiropractic adjustment? Over a month? Year? Never?? Today is a good day to get adjusted! 414-367-6050
“Can you heal my aching heel?” It’s a question I hear often from patients looking for relief from plantar fasciitis.
No Surprise: Back Pain Is #1 Cause of Disability Worldwide -
Remember: the absence of symptoms does not equal true #health. Take care of the body you've been given! #TryChiropractic #GetAdjusted
Fact: Chiropractic can help improve athletic performance. If your goals involve fitness, fit us into your schedule!
Chiropractic Treatment Works, But Why? New Research On Sensorimotor Integration Explains -
Chronic Inflammation: The New "Silent Killer" -
Wondering if chiropractic can help with low back and pelvic pain while you're pregnant? Hint: the answer is yes!
Just a reminder that Wellness Way Chiropractic will be closed Thursday & Friday, September 11/12. Have a fantastic rest of your week!
"At least 90% of world-class athletes use chiropractic on a regular basis to prevent injuries & improve performance" - Sean Atkins, PhD
Dr. Oz Talks About Chiropractic Care
Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Has Deep Roots in Chiropractic
If you are good to your body, your body will be good to you. Provide yourself with regular chiropractic maintenance.
10 reasons parents take their children to see a chiropractor:
It's not enough to read/talk/think about it, you have to actually do it! #FitFam #GetMotivated
Can Chiropractic Help With Ear Infections In Kids? Yes!
“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.”- Andy Rooney
"The pain started when I bent over!" Don't be fooled: the problem was there before you felt the pain. #Prevention
When was the last time you were adjusted? We'd love to help you get started. Make an appt today at
"Chiropractic care directly affects an infant's ability to successfully #breastfeed." - Chiropractic Journal of Australia #pediatrics
Research Shows Chiropractic Care Can Reduce Migraine Frequency By 90%
Microdiskectomy Surgery Or Chiropractic For Sciatica?
Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Has Deep Roots in Chiropractic
Probiotics: Why They're Important & Where To Find Them
Been in a car accident? Why it's important to see your chiropractor ASAP, even if you're not experiencing symptoms:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? That Pain Might Not Be What You Think!
Like gravity, chiropractic treatment works whether you believe in it or not! #GetAdjusted
Is Chiropractic the Best Option for Back & Neck Pain? Four reasons chiropractic should be your first line of defense:
“[Going to the chiropractor] is as important to my training as practicing my swing.” -Tiger Woods
Should I See A Chiropractor For My Plantar Fasciitis?