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Ain't nobody worried about no SnoopLion .. This dude Just goin thru a midlife Crisis you Go get convertible yet . OG's out here losin
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"@OfficalKingZeus: We breaking up if you text me some shit like this"
You can scale the depths of your own imagination or be fascina... More for Scorpio
Sena is a real dark skin nigga
@_resurged: Guys don't even know how to finger girls and expect so much” looks like somebody's giving pussy to the cornballs
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young earl geeeeeeks me
Niggas gossip like hoes, most of em bitches.
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Your current job situation may come with complications of its ... More for Scorpio
the past is irrelevant to your future
if she sleep she needa wake up
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I'm not understanding how youtube is blocked but not twitter .
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When Joey Bada$$ said "I don't drink too much, I know the bud wiser.
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When you and the squad drunk AF headed to the club and you see another squad just as turnt
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I miss having you here, But then again I realized I deserve better.
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Paid a hunnit for the drum just to go of in my gun
Let a nigga try me, Ima get his whole mf family
we live in a nation of sheep, run by wolves and owned by pigs.
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All she ever wanted was a real n#%ga and a big butt!
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lil snupe freestyles are hard
I got soo much cake nigga i got hoe money
can't wait to start working so i can be rich again
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NBA Kicks: Ronnie Price threw his Nike Hyper Quickness at Andre Iguodala -
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Caramel skin tone that's all im into
these girls needa grow up
Love a girl with a booty
damn cant wait too see my grandma
You might spend much of the day lost in your fantasies, conjur... More for Scorpio
"@Retro_TagBack: Nighas talk big but really ont want no war"
Foreign girls cool but they boring to us
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🎀- you look good 😩 we needa speak more though
©🈹- you cutee, & we needa catch up