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He was soo close to going off on her
They got this nigga kobe rated 90 overall lol they must have been drunk making the game
Ambition over everything
Nothing wrong with showing her you care my nigga don't get it fucked up
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Can i get a good movie to watch pls
I don't have time to beef wit mfs I'm worried bout my money & my future
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ima twaek on a thot one of thee days moe
lol these females got me fucked up
i need some of those sent to my phone lol😫
they drunk as shit in her dm's lol
When jamal ran up and punished Kenneth that was the geek brah @FutureMVP_ 😂
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Yo if you have a gap I automatically have a special bond with you.... Not many know the struggle
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boyfriends deserve unlimited thirst traps😌👐
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RTRTRTRTRT “@_igotvibes: if you can go all day without texting me I see where we stand 😌👌”
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@BasedLordJesus: Uncle Murda and Bobby Shmurda are the same person” niggas don't believe in Chapstick huh ?
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jcole knew exactly how much publicity he would get if he went to Ferguson lol
When Jay-Z said "I jack, I rob, I sin. Aw man, I’m Jackie Robinson, except when I run base, I dodge the pen."
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One of your familiar dilemmas centers on your natural desire t... More for Scorpio
first time i got called grown was today lol
felt like just last week i was a freshman in highschool
i geeked reading that though lls i will never be pressed for nobody
im not childish so ima just go back to bed
i havent been pressed for a female sine the 5th grade
these girls be drunk as shit coming out the mouth reckless
"@ItsHimMichael: Stop stressing over that 10 who don't text you back and get you a 8 and start building together."
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If she not giving you pussy before you leave for college she dont love you lls