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Vivek Parihar
6 key areas to focus in order to make ur #Startup #subscriptions successful: Attract,Nail Payment,Measure Data,Iterate,Scale,Nurture&Retain
Google’s look evolved, here they introduced a new logo and identity to it � looks fabulousX
Join Startup Basecamp to make it easier for international talent and ideas to land in Silicon Valley.
Wow!!. Windows 95 was definitely something at that time :D…
It's a fundamental mistake whn #Startup outsource their #socialmedia. Someone in the startup should handle it. Great learning #entrepreneur
How #Linux was born, as told by Linus Torvalds himself #geek
Video Marketing Tips & Strategy for Success in 2015 #marketing #video #online #socialmedia
#IBM guys did #AMA on #Reddit but it got ugly 😈
Indo-Pak War 1965 Golden Jubilee Battle of Hajipir
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VP9 an open & royalty free #video codec format developed by #Google required slightly lower CPU than HEVC(HighEfficiencyVideoCoding) #geek
iOS development is all about hacks and patches. No API is meant to be usable.
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Proverbial #HockeyStuck in a #Startups financial projections. No one believes it, & yet must included in evry #investor pitch #Entrepreneur
The Importance Of Video Marketing As Part Of A General Marketing Strategy #business #marketing #video #app #mobile
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ACAT“assistive context-aware toolkit” built by @intel was instrumental in giving Stephen Hawking voice is under FreeLicense #software #GEEK
Thought of the day -: Learn not to built too many features right away, and get the core #idea built and tested #startup #entrepreneur
There will be no cricket with #Pakistan till it stops cross border terrorism and firing at the border: @BCCI Secretary @ianuragthakur
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Shouldn't a watch built for our times do more than just tell you the time? #Moto360 is far superior than Apple Watch.
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Independence Day greetings to all my fellow Indians. स्वतंत्रता दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें। जय हिन्द! #India
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Visit ABC.WTF u will be immediately redirected to #Microsoft's Bing, clear play on Alphabet's url ABC.XYZ
Someone 4m Pakistan asked me go to hell. I politely replied-:Sure I don't mind visiting,If ur government provide me visa 4 Pakistan #JaiHind
New era,death is just a mouse click away! Computerised infusion pumps r vulnerable to #Hackers. Freak! dis kud kill some1 4m 100 miles away.
Ohhh freak!! Guess Who's Gonna Get Hurt Real Bad? A. Goalkeeper B. Field Player 😂#soccerra
Laguerre polynomials satisfy x y'' + (n+1-x) y' + k y = 0. These polynomials come up on quantum mechanics.
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We are excited to give you first glimpse of the app. Join to get early access #business #VIDEO
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@newrelic @docker it's a fun. BTW very nice and cool office ;).
Attending @docker meetup at @newrelic. Hoping it's gonna be fun ;)
It's not joke "#Apple TestFlight BetaTesting App Reviews don't work over weekend or holiday" #geek #iosdev
"you are Indian startup? We fund IIT teams, drop me email",Me:mmm.I am almost dropout entrepreneur with MM $ exit. VC: but not from IIT? #SF
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Want to get MOAR customers via Content Marketing? Watch this gem by @susanfsu #growth
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Forgive me. Fantastic Four was SO BAD. No plot. Sue Storm's struggle wig. The whole thing was like a Power Ranger's episode. :(
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Some videos cant be processed on simulator, but work fine on real device.This is an Xcode bug #swiftlang #iOS84 #geek
Amitabh Bachchan: I have product, customers, team, profitable business model, what do you have? Shashi Kapoor: I have funding
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Great article over Memory management in #swiftlang must read #iOS84 #geek
Hello @google , please can you tell me why Kattapa killed #Bahubali ? :D
The beauty of any app is not what it can do, it is in the fact how simply it can do it @TheYogurtLabs #video #mobile
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