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vivek parihar
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Y can dre be not a #CleanIndiaChallenge whr people clean places,post video&nominate others lyk #IceBucketChallenge? By @arjunghosh #Indians
Immutability is good prog practice than specific 2 #Ruby. Helps 2 write clean predictable code, leave Concurrent prog n race conditions.
#INDvsWI why even #MSD choose Mohit Sharma in one days. He is never upto mark. I think bcoz of #CSK . If this is true it's a shame.
SysAdmins being introduced to Kanban… seriously :P
@droidconIN is back this December, Funnel for talks are open, so go ahead submit your talks
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It seems that judges were biased and favor local boxer against Sarita Devi.. Shame on you #AsianGames2014
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@vparihar @Rackspace I'm planin to buy couple of TB hard-disks to keep #backup of :p OR move to @awscloud. #RackspaceReboot Sucks
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@abarmat Welcome to my world of misery. #Servers been down for last 12hrs. I hate #rackspace. Also can't even get snapshots so spin up new.
@adityaundefined @AmolKhanorkar @Rackspace best can't even access ur #snapshots. V r screwed. BadDay 4 #DevOps trusting on #RackspaceReboot
Reply @adityaundefined @AmolKhanorkar @Rackspace hve to ask question to themselves r dy real cloud provider or yet another #SharedHosting :P
Reply to @vparihar @Rackspace Its really a bad experienace.. They @Rackspace should pay for the affected business !!
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After @Rackspace ORD region servers came up. 1st thing i move all my infra to #AWS. In dis world my server is down 4 more then 12hrs #cloud
I liked a @YouTube video from @TheCuriousEnggr ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission In A Nutshell
Hey @kirandarisi . I am good. What abt you ? I messaged my details to you.
When was the last time you built something useful? #GeekHours might just be the opportunity you've been waiting for!
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To knw whr ActionDispatch::RemoteIp defined? 1 liner Bundle #hack $ grep ActionDispatch::RemoteIp `bundle show --paths` #Rails #RubyOnRails
#Linux #TipsAndTricks to List of all VirtaulHosts which are enabled in #Apache #WebServer ~# apache2ctl -S
For better n healthy huge #Ruby on #Rails Apps 1.Avoid Sql in loops,be careful wid ORM. Use eager loading. 2.Use find_each instead of each
100 days of #modisarkar >Petrol was 82.34 now its 76.5 >Rs. stable after stable govt >Sensex exceeds 27k >IRCTC working faster :P #India
@Flipkart I love your website bt lately I am noticing delay in deliveries. my order OD40830114231 had to be delivrd on 4th but hvn't got it
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GeekHours is back! Register to the event by answering this question, “When did you say ‘Hello World”?
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#Vim trick for finding each occurrence of 'foo' (in all lines), and replace it with 'bar'. => :%s/foo/bar/g #geek #linux #ubuntu
#Ubuntu #server !optimized 2 make ful use of h/w. Tune performance by increasing no. of incoming connection"net.core.somaxconn=65536" #cloud
@Istanbulled it's a heart of geek dude, what else you expect from me :P. But this time I am marketing .
@Istanbulled Naa.. I am struggling to do #FB share from #GeekHours2014. Then i figured it out it's not application problem its #FB's ;)
#Facebook is Total blackout for 33% of users. Including me :P. Even #FB status page is down ...
@averi8 although i can't use. But can share this good cause.
Facebook is DOWN...... #socialmedia .
Conducting s/w dev interview. Q:Wat is #JavaScript ? A:I knw #Java Spring, nvr get chance 2 work on Script framework.
#Ruby silent failures difficult to debug,error r not only noisy n obvious, introduces other errors downstream wid some cryptic side-effects.
Quick #ruby tip while working on #hashes in #ror apps or dealing with api's. >>Use Hash#fetch over Hash#[] #rubyonrails
INS Kamorta, India's first indigenously built stealth warship commissioned into Indian Navy via @ShareThis
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We’re delighted to launch the Node Security Scholarship in association with @YLDio and @LiftSecurity. Apply here
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Answer:Rails nested attributes array in forms we can use text_field_tag… #rails #ruby #rubyonrails
Answer:Detect whether there is an Internet connection available on Android [duplicate]… #androiddev #android
Answer:Invalid argument“ setting key ”net.core.somaxconn" #DevOps #sysadmin #Ubuntu