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Impeach Obama
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Biden is "insurance policy" against impeaching Obama because he's such an idiot.… #ImpeachObama
WaPo: The Democratic Party Has Been Gutted…
Report: Dozens of Former Gitmo Detainees Now Fighting With ISIS. #ObamaFail…
Video: SNL Mocks WH Ebola Response, Entire Second Obama Term…
US: IS earns $1 million per day in black market oil sales…
Obama Pitches For Votes on Black Radio. There's "Black" Radio? What would #MLK think of that?…
Obama to go ‘full Mussolini’ after election: Mark Levin. @BDCPatriots @ImpeachPOTUS @GreatfulDane5 @Gyro1949 @MsCary_13 @
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Good News: Tens of Thousands of Federal Workers Are Being Paid to Sit at Home…
Gallup: Voter opposition to Obama at 16-year high, worse than Bush, Clinton |
Follow @ObamaStrawman Hilarious fake Obama twitter posts. Funniest stuff out there.Unlike w/ #POTUS, you won't regret
Obama pissing on our troops with this half-ass "salute" while holding a coffee cup. #ObamaSalute #tcot
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Record number of homeless school children across America. While Obama golfs. #HopeAndChange #tcot @ChicagoCesspool…
For a good time, follow @ObamaStrawman, there is no better fake Obama twitter feed out there! #tcot #ObamaFraud #ImpeachObama
The Store – Organizing for Action. Fire Sale on Obama Gear. #tcot…
After Being Voted Down By The Senate, Cop Killer Advocate Officially Withdraws Obama's Nomination for DOJ Post
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When will the @CorruptOldMedia ask Obama where he was and what decisions he made during #13hoursbenghazi?
Where was Obama and what decisions did he make during #13HoursAtBenghazi? #ImpeachObama #TCOT
We are witnessing the malicious destruction of Congress & the Constitution Where are you @SpeakerBoehner
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Who doesn't follow back? Who never RTs? Who never links? All that & more at
Obama's First Democrat Nomination Acceptance Speech. Aug 2008. All Lies! #tcot #RT #ImpeachObama…
Of course I don't have a strategy on fighting #ISIS. I've been very busy working on my short game the last 4 yrs. -bo
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Mark Levin on Hannity: Obama's mishandling of ISIS 'one of the worst screw-ups in modern US history'… via @trscoop
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'We're Getting Ready': Gutierrez Expecting Executive Amnesty For Five Million Illegals…
Leftist Maureen Dowd #NYT ridicules Obama for his obsession with golf. The Golf Address. @ChicagoCesspool MUST READ:…
Obama shld take his Nobel Peace Prize, place it on the podium, give it a forearm-shiver to the floor, then say he will unload HELL on #ISIS
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Pentagon Official: The Facts Are In, And Obama’s Policy Is A Direct Danger To USA… … … … …
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@JohnFromCranber when is America going to get serious about an obamaectomy ?
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What was I doing the night of #Benghazi? Hell, I don't know---I was too stoned. -bo
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So what if Christians are being killed by ISIS. This is Bush's Fault! Besides, I'm sending them sandwiches for their Last Meal. -bo
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@ImpeachPOTUS .. Impeach BO is a wonderful sound. But who would run our ship then, Biden? Sick sensation in my stomach at the thought.??
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HBO's John Oliver Mocks Obama's Unease at Being Commander in Chief
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