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Impeach Obama
There is absolutely malice on the part of Obama with his policy of allowing Honduran's to come to America as "refugees" and not illegals.
I wonder if I got a gun and stood on top of My WH and shot citizens, if the media would blame ppl for getting in the way of my bullets. -bo
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Hitler's goal was to pretend he was a good guy, but use the office to conquer the world. Obama 100% same, but use the office to destroy U.S.
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Is the president's open border policy a dereliction of duty & an impeachable offense? 98% say Yes!
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Fed appeals court panel says most #Obamacare subsidies illegal. #tcot #impeachobama
Watch this--from Oct 2014. Obama and Romney battling over Russian Threat. #RomneyWasRight #tcot…
Even Democrats were embarrassed and confused by President Obama's behavior yesterday. Hope and Change has officially expired.
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I've got a busy day. Gotta defend the border with my 9 iron. -bo
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Obama: Congress can act now to fix border crisis #ImpeachObama…
Sarah Palin Rocks Obama With This Phenomenal Declaration Of Impeachment:…
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Poll: Obama is Encouraging Illegal Immigrants to Cross the Border…
Rick Perry to President Obama: No handshake…
He has done more than enough to warrant this constitutional action #p2 RT "@69Marine:"
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Joan Rivers Goes Off: Obama Is Gay And Michelle Is A 'Tranny'…
Fri let's say "Happy Independence Day!" It says more than, "Happy 4th of July." Do we say, "Happy Dec 25th" at Christmas? #tcot @AStrongUSA
92 million Americans not in the work force so Obama can keep his percentages good. #ImpeachObama…
Reminder, from 2008-2010 Obama had both houses of Congress and he never tried to pass Immigration Reform. Today he bitches about it?
Poll: Obama Worst Pres since WWII. Voters Say Romney Would've Been Better @ChicagoCesspool #ImpeachObama #tcot…