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Arsalan Asif
"@toriilewis: I hate having an itch under my bun." Bum*
I knew you were trouble when you...
I've been told that #GoodFriday is the day when #Jesus died. Now how is that "good" again?
"Yo is that @angelabainn ? Who's she with?" "Uh..2 people"
Drunk guy at Don Mills Square: talks to us thinking we're his friends, oh fuck you're in high school, walks Me: Run! The Messiah are coming!
Is Nelly Furtado retarded?
Happy Easter everyone!!!
A promising job offer, stocks, and a trust fund. What more is there to wait for for my 18th birthday?
@VosInterficiam This is certainly something we love to hear :) Pls keep us in mind if you ever need any help with your banking. Cheers! ^AB
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ScotiaBank is the best!
#StandGrandContest Idk what this is, but if I enter, will I actually have to stand? #ArthritisProblems
"@autocorrects: Pretending to be a nice person all day is exhausting." Ikr People need to stop trying to suck my dick so much #ShadyProblems
OMG YOU HAVE THIS MANY FOLLOWERS, THEY MUST BE FAKE!!! Twitter is like a more retarded version of high school. #HighSchoolProblems #Twitter
Time to go for a run..stupid rain...#ParkourProblems
SnapChat me "roguezz" hopefully that's the right username hahaha
Honestly, I'm not even on drugs. I'm just weird.
Jay Walked right front of the cops #LikeABoss
That moment when you finish writing a tweet and you have 0 characters left. #Y0L0, not #YOLO