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Troy A. Von Otnott
So conflicted about going back to war in the Middle East but genocide is NOT tolerable under any condition.
Why Are These U.S. States Fighting Solar Power? Hey, #Florida that means you! @ScottforFlorida
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Are we really the world's policemen...again?
I remember the good old days (2012) when @GeorgiaPower publicly stated that solar #energy didn't work in #Georgia…
Global warming is moistening the atmosphere. H2ohhhhh #ClimateChange #environment
Join in demanding the first-ever limits to carbon #pollution from power plants. Make a difference: #ActOnClimate
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Another great day of mentoring clean technology startups with @cleantechopenSE in #Atlanta
"O Captain! My Captain!"
Auto manufacturers display newest "must have" option. Puppy holders.
The BIG Man upstairs will punish you when ya try to brown your skin. #tanpocalypse
To honor Robin Williams' 40-year career, we stitched together all of his roles into one image:
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So... this just happened. Standby for video! (I donated to American foundation for suicide prevention.)
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It's ironic that carbon fiber could be my economic salvation. Hmmmm
LOVING all the ice bucket challenges I'm seeing on the interwebs today. @TeamGleason #ALS
Investors: When fossil fuels carry their full cost, the value of #renewable energy becomes clear #areday
Kind of wishing I was in Aspen today for the @AREDAY conference talking clean energy. And by "kind of" I mean really.
It's not like they don't have sunshine.
"Remarkable" warming reported in Central California coastal waters // Nemo's gonna be pissed!
One of our greatest poets is dead. Your voice will echo in eternity Mr. Williams.
Newspapers are dinosaurs. In the near future, kids will say how stupid we were to cut down trees to read stuff.
That bottled water you bought this morning? It comes from the most drought-ridden places in the country:
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#Renewables Provide 56% of New US Electrical Generating Capacity in First Half of 2014 #energy
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Working on this week's @cleantechopenSE mentor workshop. One-on-one sessions with startup advisors. Invaluable advice for young companies.
#NIN show last night was AmazeBalls.
Over acidification of our oceans = death to most marine life. It's really that simple. #carbon #climatechange…
Today in #Atlanta, men are scurrying about. Today in #NewOrleans, men are wearing red dresses and consuming large volumes of beer. #Nola
Great mtg at @Microsoft w/@qilu yesterday Working to provide, powerful, low cost tech. Disabilities-> Super abilities
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Congrats to Renewable Funding for successfully launching #California First, the energy/water efficiency finance program. Much needed.
. @IPStrategist warns that patents can comprise only a single “tool in their strategy toolbox,” in this wk's post
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So true: Scientists: Don't freak out about Ebola. Everyone: *Panic!* Scientists: Freak out about climate change. Everyone: LOL!
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Even if you favor the carbon rule, as a GA citizen you should ask the EPA to give GA complete credit for Vogtle 3 and 4. It's ur money too.
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Woah, this hottie is stacked.