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Thk u @billburr @OpieRadio @JimNorton Maureen &all the Comics/Friends &Fans 4 the continued support & #LoveForPatrice
Once again, a great cause that I'm honored to be a part of: Patrice O'Neal Comedy Benefit Feb 11th: TIX ON SALE NOW!
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i am PUMPED to do this benefit for one of the greatest ever, with some of the greatest ever.
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3rd Annual Patrice O'Neal Comedy Benefit Weds Feb 11th: TIX ON SALE NOW!
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By @opieandjimmy: '3rd Annual Patrice O'Neal Benefit'. Feb 11, 2015. Get tix: (#RepostWhiz app)
This will sell out! RT @OpieandJimmy: '3rd Annual Patrice O'Neal Benefit'. Feb 11 Get tix:…"
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On the phone: Bill Burr announcing the '3rd Annual Patrice O'Neal Benefit'. Tix at
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@VonDecarlo register your email at and you will be the 1st to get the official release date along with a discount
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I'm not sure that living long enuf to see the day that Raven Symone files charges against Bill Cosby is a good thing. Say it aint so! 🙈🙉 cc @mperdomo23
@VonDecarlo u are a queen w. great radiance. I admire u, & how his legacy lives through u. Keep shining, he's looking down smiling at u.
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Thank u for posting so many of mine & Patrice's quotes! It was great to meet u @MadisonJaye_ !!! #SpeakFluentMan #CoachVon #WBLS #LennyGreen
"Men like to be alone, but they don't like to be by themselves ."
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"Men lie to get sex, women lie to get a relationships." - .@VonDecarlo
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In the building... Tune into WBLS 107.5 #SpeakFluentMan #CoachVon
Tune into 107.5 WBLS @WBLS1075NYC. I will be live in studio w Lennie Green at 10pm EST... #SpeakFluentMan #CoachVon
Tune into 107.5 WBLS @WBLS1075NYC. I will be live in studio w Lenny Green at 10pm EST... Also streaming online 🙌 #SpeakFluentMan #CoachVon
A book for both men & women, Von Decarlo covers topics like entitlement, double standards, sex & more in new book.
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All jokes aside @ecualibrium, my prediction that the @nyknicks will make the playoffs this season still stands... #CoachVon
No worries. If anything, thy'l wait til Saturday & give the 6rs their 1st win :/ #CoachVon@ecualibrium: @nyknicks plz don't stink tonight”
"A man's love is practical." -Patrice O'Neal
You can be what you want to be, or you can be what you have to be... #StayInTheLight
Just setting up the official twitter for my book. Reg at for release date & discount! My personal acct is @VonDecarlo
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Keep. Moving.. Forward... #StayInTheLight
Every time something dies in your life, something else is coming to life. It may look like an end—but there is a new beginning.
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Am I the only one that pushes all the air out of my lungs, then hold my breath while I'm on the scale?
#Knicks up by 23 & no1 is hype cuz it will likely still come down to a 1 possession game. NateRob will block, then dunk for the W. #CoachVon
#Knicks playing the #Nuggets is like watching the Lopez brothers play each other last night...#CoachVon
Keep. Moving. Forward... #StayInTheLight
When the devil got ready to destroy the family, he went for the head and the woman would be uncovered. #ThisIsNoTimeToLoseYourHead
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@VonDecarlo I'm British and discovered Patrice this year. I'm heartbroken he's no longer here. He's badly needed #loveforpatrice
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I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the LORD! We're Streaming LIVE NOW! #tphonline
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Barber shop type trash talk'n w the fellas on #NBA radio @blinesports. #imAlwaysRightSometimes #CoachVon
Why does Dame Dash in this movie look like the love child of Matt Barns & Scottie Pippen? He's like 9 ft tall & skinny for no reason. #iCant
Wait, what? Did they watch any Aaliyah footage? At all? Y does she sound like that? Y does she look like that? Is this movie about Amerie?😳