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"Society let context be destroyed" -Patrice O'Neal
Is The B-Word Fair Game In An Argument? #ATHH Tune in to 'According To Him + Her' on Fridays at 10 PM EST. --->
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Huge Congratulations to @jonmarcsandifer and reallyroz on their union!!! Beautifully Coupled!!…
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#FirstThoughtOfTheDay "Time Flys every moment u take for granted on this Earth there is someone wanting your same success.
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There is a time and season for every purpose under heaven, what we want to achieve is the step of doing the right thing at the right time
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Just give yourself permission... #StayInTheLight
Hard decisions are so much easier when u know, no matter what, u hv someone who will love u regardless. But that was then... #StayInTheLight
🙌 ...and on FX...Oh the irony🙊@thisis5050: Martin Lawrence Speaks On His Return To Television In New Show '”
You know your a #SisterMom when... //RP FROM @centrictv: "#CoachVon is back with a funny segment called #SisterMom with her daughter Mimi! Cc @vondecarlo Tune in on Thursday for the next installment of #coachvonsplaybook and be sure to watch #accordingtohimandher on Friday, August 1st at 10 pm EST!
Can't wait to see what I said about this rule 🙈 //REPOST FROM @centrictv: "We agree all is fair in love and war, but that "B" word?!? No sir! What say you? This and more on a new episode of #ATHH. This Friday (August 1st) only on CentricTV!" (via #RepostWhiz @RepostWhiz app)
Be careful how you treat people they may be the one person you have to ask for a cool sip of water in your dying days
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#ATHH: Do You Prefer Beauty Or Brains? Tune in to Centric's 'According To Him + Her' this Friday at 10 p.m. EST!
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Tune in for our Romance Rules During Centric's 'Make Love Last Marathon' ! Kicks off this Friday (Aug. 1) 10 am EST!
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Fix ur hair... What's ur age range... What's ur ethnicity... Do you always make that face??? Stop making that face... Practice ur cold reads...
At first glance, the face to shoulder thing looks cute...but then just keep staring at it for awhile. It actually looks fcking ridiculous. LOL. I can't stop laughing...
So me thinking I will look like Halle Berry w this hair color, but really looking like Sissy Spacek, is no different than now with dark hair...thinking I look like Sade, but really looking like Cher... #MulattosBeLike #ImBlack
Pray about moving into different dimensions where you’ll grow, learn new things and be challenged again. It’s time to move to the next level
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Of course a woman can just be friends w a guy. Ur my friend right? Hey, my eyes are up here... #CoachVon
Cuz I just like this picture. That's why...
Missed any episodes of #ATHH? We've got FULL EPISODES on You're welcome! --->
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@VonDecarlo ha. watching ATHH online. "as soon as you penetrate me..." and "baby, you got a great future behind you" got me rolling.
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So they'r learning cups today for something in camp or school or whatever… Um, like, hello, I wanna play!… #SisterMom
Good morning! Join us for morning worship Streaming LIVE NOW! #tphonline #tpheMembers
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