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Volvo Cars US
Shipping Volvos in 1957 before containers were used. #tbt #ThrowbackThursday #VintageVolvo
Shipping Volvos in 1957 before containers were used. #tbt #VintageVolvo
Driving a #Volvo is every comeback you ever needed.
Ryan Z. on his #XC60week: "Of all the reasons to go for a drive, the absolute best is always "Eh, why not?" @Zoomy575M #Volvo #Volvojoyride
There’s no time like the present. And there’s no present like the #XC60.
#Volvo has always been ‘King of the Road’ and having a street named after us just confirms that fact.
#Volvo has always been ‘King of the Road’ and having a street named after us just confirms the fact.
Which model #Volvo do you have your eyes set on?
When your car is more comfortable than your couch. Must be a Volvo driver.
With 240 hp, 0-60 in 6.2 seconds & an impressive 37mpg highway, there's a lot to love about the #Volvo V60.
Are you a new #Volvo owner? Show off your good taste by sharing a photo of your car here with hashtag #VolvoFamily.
If you're a new Volvo owner, we'd like to welcome you to the #VolvoFamily. Show off your good taste by sharing a photo of yourself with your car and upload it here with the hashtag #VolvoFamily.
Check out @NBCSN today at 1PM ET for coverage of the @volvooceanrace. The world's premier sailing event, in HD. #VOR
We all belong on the road. The adventure is the journey.
We all belong on the road. The adventure is the journey.
Not only a strong-engined sports car, but the Volvo P1800 is also perfect for shopping in style. #TBT #VintageVolvo
A dream car should induce lust. What feature of the #Volvo S60 is most lust inducing to you?
Wearing a seatbelt in the back-seat reduces the risk of fatal injuries by 44% in passenger cars and 73% among occupants in SUVs. #VolvoTips
It's not how far you've got to go, it's how far you've come. #KeepDriving.
Not just man's best friend. They're the ultimate co-pilot.
In 1972, Volvo was the first manufacturer to introduce a rearward-facing child safety seat. #VolvoFact
The history of adventure is written by those in the driver's seat.
Computers are great, but there’s something special about true craftsmanship. #tbt #VintageVolvo
The #Volvo Saved My Life Club would like to recognize Christie P. and her touching story:
The #Volvo Saved My Life Club recognizes owners who share one belief. A Volvo Saved their Lives. This story comes from Christie P. "I was in a major car accident last Friday at noon that totaled my 2001 XC70 Volvo. I lost control in the rain on a back country road and hit two trees going down a stee
Our Adaptive Cruise Control is a semi-autonomous driver aid system. It automatically adapts the speed & distance to the car in front of you.
I've spent many hours in this seat fueled by lots of coffee over the past two weeks. Thank you all for allowing me to hijack this feed for a bit and share some of my love for coffee with our love for Volvo. It's been a great trip, in a great car. I'll see you on the road or over a nice cup of coffee
I just pulled the V60 into the roastery at work. When I'm not joyriding all over the place in a Volvo or writing about coffee at @DCILY, I work for a new start-up called Supersonic Coffee (@enjoysupersonic) in Berkeley, California. We're all fans of cars and other things that go fast around here so
There's a lot of things I've enjoyed about driving the Volvo V60 over the last 2 weeks, but as a coffee drinker, the driver-alert made me smile. If you start getting drowsy, while driving, the car can sense it and the steering wheel vibrates to let you know that it's time for coffee. #volvojoyride #
Understanding determination: the first episode of exploring the #HumanChallenge of the @volvooceanrace…
Another look at the Volvo Amazon I came across in San Francisco. #volvojoyride -@DCILY
Take an extra long lunch break today.
It's Brian (@DCILY) again and this will be my last day taking over the Volvo account. After 14 days and 3750 miles (6035km), my #volvojoyride is coming to an end. But there's still a few things left to share—like this beautiful Volvo 122 (Amazon) that I came across in San Francisco. Can anyone guess
Unrelenting 50 foot waves and blistering 40-knot storms across 40,000 miles of the world’s oceans. Follow the journey at @volvooceanrace – starting now.
A 40,000 mi race of unrelenting 50-foot waves and 40-knot storms. @volvooceanrace starts now:
In a Volvo, it’s not an extra mile, it’s a bonus mile. RT if you agree.
The longest journey starts with a single step. Or a key in the ignition. Your call.
There is no car in this picture, but my #volvojoyride brought me to the Southwestern Barista Competition in Rancho Mirage, CA where this fellow (@charlesbabinski) just came in first place. He will represent the southwest region at the United States Barista Competition (yes that's a thing!) early nex
These shiny new shoes have done a lot of rolling along the California coast. #volvojoyride #dcilyjoyride -@DCILY
I spent the last couple nights near the desert in Palm Springs. I stayed in a nice mid-century modern cottage that I found on @airbnb and thought the V60 looked pretty good in the carport. #volvojoyride #dcilyjoyride -@DCILY
Cruised through Venice Beach and stopped into @Menottis for a nice cup of coffee roasted by @fourbarrelcoffee. #volvojoyride #dcilyjoyride -@DCILY
Explore the Rugged Luxury and Urban Luxury styling kits for the all-new Volvo XC90.…
I found a friend to park beside—a well worn 240. It may be time for an upgrade. #volvojoyride #dcilyjoyride
Hello, it's Brian (@DCILY) again. It's been 3000 miles and I'm still cruising along stopping at great coffee shops along the west coast. I'm currently in Los Angeles, where the number of high-end coffee shops continues to grow. This is @IntelligentsiaCoffee in Silverlake, one of LA's most iconic spe
Called ‘Carioca’ after a popular dance at the time, but the official name was Volvo PV36. #tbt #VintageVolvo
Our first days at the Paris Motor Show were a whirlwind – snow, rain, lights, cameras, a very special guest and the all-new XC90 at the center of it all.
Our first days at the Paris Motor Show were a whirlwind – lights, cameras, a very special guest and the #AllNewXC90.…
Dianne C. is on a #VolvoJoyride of her own right now: "Stopped outside of #Moab, #Utah part way through our 4000 mile + road trip from Seattle to Texas and back. In our 2004 XC90. Drives like she is still new." #Volvo
.@volvocarsus’s new 360-degree view may help stop fatal accidents in any new #Volvo car by 2020.
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