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■ FuMeS/Physix ■
gaming call of duty xbox 280 followers
Changed MY GT... its... Hero Phyzix
its here you guys! ive gone pro, im a fucking PRO!!! im on hero pro team our snipers team is .. TeamOfHeroes... we in !!!!
Good luck to everyone in the tournament i hope u all can make it!
i caant sleeeeep!!!
Hello everyone i am referee for a tourney tomorrow! heres the link "… @JtizzleIV
i made CGA staff! im a ref !!!
Cant Wait FOR MY CGA interview! it begans at 2:00 pm !!!! lets goo baby
I am now on retro gaming and hopfully going to be apart of CGA Staff all because of Retro Meta4
To2 needs an anchor and obj for a tourney on CGA tomorrow at 6:00 Est ! @ ME with ur gamertag!
Got to the finals in our first ever as a team tourney ! we Got 2nd place but thats good for now ! we have another tourney for tomorrow!!!!
First ever tournament for Grind House Coming up at 7:00 on this very day!
Grind House ( To3 ) needs an amazing anchor, and is on consistently , Add Mist PhyziX @ShawnAbner @ObeyLegalize @Fariko_RT @GamerRT__
and this is the controller i use now except mine is not wired !
The FeaR Scuf im giving away at 1000 followers!!!
I Hit 300 ! thank you all ! at 1000 i will be giving away a scuf . Please Retweet this so everyone can have a chance of geting this GIFT!!!
My first EVER trickshotting video !!!…
need an anchor for a tourney team add mist phyzix
Need one more for league play !! add Mist Phyzix
im getting on soon u guys !
Need all team members to get on lol!
I understand they made the shotguns realistic by making them a one shot kill but if they're goin to do that at least make the MSMC Realistic
We got a scrm with fariko fanboys lol lets gooo
Whats up guys im ready to gring wbu?