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Idiot Hillary
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WATCH people explain why Bill Clinton deserves more credit for winning the Korean War…
Benghazi: Did CIA’s Morell Lie Under Oath About Changing the Benghazi Talking Points? --Took the fall for HRC?…
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There's a shooting at Ft. Hood and @HillaryClinton is tweeting about how women need higher wages. Idiot. #Hillary2016
When they start passing out #Obamacare pamphlets to people taking the White House tour, those folks will also count as enrollments, right?
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Men of Obamacare, I hope you go in and get your annual pap smears now since you're paying for it.
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All the #Obama admin has done is lie abt #ObamaCare. What truth have they told Americans? None. Now we're told 7 mil signups. @ObamasIdiots
#AP says "source" tells them 7 million #ObamaCare signups. How does anybody in the media believe anything this admin says about ObamaCare?
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Read this and see if you still want #Hillary2016.
#Hillary Turns to Younger Voters. Only Idiot Children Would Vote For Her.…
Poll: #Clinton's gender is her top 2016 selling point…
Gallup: Hillary's Biggest 'Selling Point' in 2016 Would Be Her Gender
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"Ellen Sucks Up to Obama: Obamacare 'Doing Very, Very Well...I Think Everyone's Very Grateful You Did This'"…
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During #Obamacare hearing, N Carolina #Democrat asks expert, "How many women get prostate cancer?" @ObamasIdiots…
Still An Idiot, Always Have Been, Always Will Be. #HillaryClintonBookTitles #hillary2016
Prediction: Hillary Clinton's book will be praised as the best book written by a politician in history... by people who won't read it.
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#Obamacare causing insurance premiums to rise faster than 8 years previous---COMBINED! #OBAMA…
Government Investigation Into #Benghazi Pretty Much Nonexistent…
Dem Who Pled Guilty to Illegal Fundraising for D.C. Mayor Also Contributed to Hillary; Nets Ignore
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