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علي الأسمري
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These days there is a lot of talk about #HumanRights - #Islam gave everyone their due rights over 1400 years ago. Let us learn those rights
Prioritize your life. The hereafter is more important than this world. Give higher priority to things that affect your hereafter. #BeSmart
{وجزاء سيئة سيئة مثلها فمن عفا وأصلح فأجره على الله إنه لا يحب الظالمين} [الشورى:40]…
Zubair Ibn Awwam accepted #Islam at the age of 15 and dedicated his #life to protecting and promoting the #religion #BlessedTen
Muslims do not worship the Ka‘bah; it is a unifying direction of worship. Muslims worship the Creator alone!
When Umar Ibn Al-Khattab entered #Jerusalem as a conqueror, he gave all #Non-Muslim citizens #freedom of #religion and treated them well
Usama Ibn Zaid became a #leader of the #Muslim army while still in his #teens. This shows us how responsible and mature young Sahaba were
{ولو بسط الله الرزق لعباده لبغوا في الأرض ولكن ينزل بقدر ما يشاء إنه بعباده خبير بصير} [الشورى:27]…
Don’t stress over your past, focus on shaping your future for the better as all things are judged by their endings.
Calling others to #islam requires love and mercy, not strictness and harshness! Let us be gentle in our speech always!
Joking about religious issues and mocking #Islam is the sign of a sick heart and is a major sin. #HaveRespect
"In #Islam , If the parents are separated or #divorced they should frequently counsel each other for the sake of the child's future"
{وإذا مسكم الضر في البحر ضل من تدعون إلا إياه فلما نجاكم إلى البر أعرضتم وكان الإنسان كفورا} [الإسراء:67]…
The 2 rakat of sunnah before #Fajr are better than the whole world - obviously the fard of Fajr has even more reward. Don’t miss out on them
What’s the #best thing a man can spend his money on? The needs of his #family – the Prophet (pbuh) called it the best spent wealth
عزززتي لك هذا لا قالو محزم وظهر #عاصفة_الحزم الله يديمهم ويعزززهم
عزتي لك ياهيبه العرب #عاصفة_الحزم
An #employer is responsible for his employees.The Prophet (pbuh) said: Surely every one of you is a shepherd & #responsible for his flock
Only Allah can protect us from evil. Amulets, talismans and good luck charms have no place in the life of a believer!
{ولقد خلقنا السماوات والأرض وما بينهما في ستة أيام وما مسنا من لغوب} [ق:38]…
U can build up your faith by praying #islam
The best #Muslim is he who lives long and does good - every minute of life is an #opportunity to do good- act now before it's too late!
Controlling #anger is a sign of those #righteous people promised #Paradise in the #Quran in Surah Al Imran verses 133-134 #reward #goodDeed
One of the best gifts you can give your children is righteous parents who love each other.
{كبر مقتا عند الله أن تقولوا ما لا تفعلون} [الصف:3]…
مشاده بين مذيعه الجزيرة وناشط حوثي… عبر @YouTube #?????_?????
Surah #AlBayyina teaches us that the best of #creation are those people who submit to #Allah, and the worst of creation are those who do not
In Islam, killing an innocent person is like killing all humans! #Islam opposes #Terrorism in all its forms!
Want to become #steadfast in the religion? Ponder upon the #Qur'an - it’s one of the best means to acquire #steadfastness in the #religion
Make the wise choice. Choose friends who will help you towards #Paradise & avoid those who will push you to #hell. #Freindship #ChooseWisly
{يا معشر الجن والإنس إن استطعتم أن تنفذوا من أقطار السماوات والأرض فانفذوا لا تنفذون إلا بسلطان} [الرحمن:33]…
Searching for the truth? Confused about #religion? Read the #Quran and get ready for a life changing experience #atheism !
The original copy of the #Qur'an,compiled in the time of Abu Bakr,was entrusted to Hafsa, after the #death of her father Umar ibn al-Khattab
{أم حسب الذين في قلوبهم مرض أن لن يخرج الله أضغانهم} [محمد:29]…
Every creature has rights in #Islam; so don’t harm an animal intentionally. #Mercy
Want some shade on the Last Day? Spend the years of your youth in the service of Allah! #Sevenundertheshade
Kindness is emphasized by #Islam , appreciated by humans and benefits everyone; so always be kind!
The four greatest Sahaba are Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali i.e. the Rightly Guided Caliphs. #Study their lives and #follow their example!
{تبارك اسم ربك ذي الجلال والإكرام} [الرحمن:78]…
Want some shade on the Last Day? Be just to those under your authority! #Sevenundertheshade
Uthman ibn Affan (Allah be pleased with him) said: If our #hearts were #pure, we would never have enough from reciting the Word of #Allah
Wearing a bikini or miniskirt is not liberating; it is degrading. Free yourself from the desires of men;observehijab!
love God because I deserve nothing he gave me everything
{تبارك اسم ربك ذي الجلال والإكرام} [الرحمن:78]…
Islam opposes terrorism! So what is #jihad? Watch this video to found out:
#Crying on your pillow won't solve your problems. To solve your problems cry on your praying mat in #prayer and supplication to #Allah
Whenever “obedience of Allah” is mentioned in the #Quran, it is always followed by “obedience of the Prophet”. There is no exception 2 this
"And speak to people good [words] and establish prayer and give charity #Quran, 2:83
{يا أيها الذين آمنوا لا تدخلوا بيوتا غير بيوتكم حتى تستأنسوا وتسلموا على أهلها ذلكم خير لكم لعلكم تذكرون} [النور:27]…
Nothing prevents us more from victory over our enemies than our sins. #Victory #enemies #Sins

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