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Guys, keep calm, stay cool & pretendent it's not monday. Here the rain has stop & the sun it's smiling
Did U know that nearly 12 years worth of YouTube footage is uploaded every day & the number it's rising
More than 350mil people that are using Fb are suffering from Fb addiction disorder, lucky for me that I'm using #Twitter
Ret rewarded 4 listening online radio
I hope U had a great Halloween guys, if U want to see some HomeMade Halloween art check this out
Halloween it's here. Did U get your costume ready 2 trick or treat ?!
Recharge any phone mumber 4 free by waching video & doing task with your Smartphone right here…
Just found out a site were U can see full movies from youtube
I found out a great way how I can look thin, hang out with fat people
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad
Start sucking Youtube traffic for your internet marketing niche today.
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Guys if the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts :D
If you are a college student or have an .edu email #AmazonPrime it's free, here you can get Free Kindle books, videos or 2day Free Shipping
#Minions are everywere, take a pick at this invasion ;)
If you fail, Never give up because #FAIL means “First Attempt In Learning"
Earn cash by trying free apps & games. Install #CashPirate… Enter this code "SLQNHU" to get 50cents bonus
Royal Peacock (Origami 3D) over 1500 pcs a nice piece take a look if you like home made art
If life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade & then try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka & have a party
Want to hear an oxymoron ?! ... Responsible Drinking :))
#1Tip4U If you have an Excel file to big to mail it you can save it as .xlsb & you will shrink it's side by 50-75%
A new week has started sow stay cool
Need Cloud Storage ?! Download your files here 4 free
You Make a Sale Today - and You Get PAID TODAY!
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Little, cute & colorful swans,, check out this beautiful #origami3d models
Finally a weekend away 2 relax & it's raining like crazy,hope I get 2 see a little bit of sun today, hope U guys have a better weekend :(
Keep calm & get ready for the weekend ;)
Keep calm guys & pretend like it's not monday :)
Stop regretting things, you cant change them anyway
Do U know how you get make a sweet old lady to say the F... word? Get another old lady to yell ‘BINGO!’ :))
Do U use Traficc exchange on the web ?! Register 2 Zubee 2 increase your earnings, easy profit, 0 effort ...
#Origami3D art just 4 U, take a look ...
Check out a new way to surf, this is #2funny2missout
Hello Kitty has just got right here
Be careful if U steel from one author, it’s call plagiarism, but if you steal from many, it’s call research ;)
How it's possible to start a forest fire with a careless match, but I need the whole box to start my barbecue ?!?!
When you are tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water
Mickey mouse ... origami 3d .. new 4 U 2 see ...
My favorite thing in the world it's the Long Walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me, what is your favorite thing ?!
Have U notice that people says “no offense” right before they’re about to offend you ? :)
Did U know that More than 350mil people that are using Fb are suffering from Facebook addiction disorder, lucky 4 me that I'm on #Twitter
Learn how you can get tones of Free Cloud Space right here ...
The Untold SEO Secret Behind Dwell Time Metrics… via @SEO_Hacker
Minding my own business is something I excel at, what do you excel at ?! :)
check out the lates model bike, U will have a good smile :)
EasyHits4U - One the most prominent TE program on the Web
Between 2 evils you should pick the one you never tried before, it's more fun that way :) ... I always do ;)

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