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I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way :)
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People If your food and drinks don't meet your standards, please lower your standards :))
Over 5 million pictures are uploaded to Instagram every day & I can barely get 1 pics on my Twitter profile :)
They say that over 350 million Fb users suffer from "Facebook Addiction Disorder"
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People stop regretting things, you cant change them anyway ;)
I just found out that links about sex are shared on Fb 90% more often than any other kind of link, Im running there right now to test it :)
I just found out that nearly 12 years worth of YouTube footage is uploaded every day
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I just found out that a woman mind is cleaner than a man's because she changes it more often
When nothing goes Right ... Go #Left ;)
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I heard that only in USA U can buy a double cheese burger, large fries & a DIET COKE, I'm on diet to, I wonder if I can come there 2 live :)
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If you want to succed in life make sure you have fun in what your trying to do
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Do U know the most tell Lies on the web ?! 1.I have read & agree to the ToS 2.Status: #offline 3.Yes, I'm over 18 years old
When you feel like you can't go on anymore, remember how far you came. It's not over until you want it to be.
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My friend from USA just told me that Pizza gets to your house faster than an ambulance :))
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Just found out that giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world, I know because my BF has done it thousands of times
I blame Disney movies 4 making me believe that singing fixes everything :))
U spend the first 2 years of your childrens life teaching them to walk & talk,then you spend the next 16 telling them 2 sit down & shut-up
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"Congress Has No Choice But To Investigate the FTC Data Security Scandal" by @newswirenet on @LinkedIn…
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I just learn if your the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts ;)
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Last night I have dream of a better tomorrow... where chickens can cross the road & not be questioned about their motives.
Dear Ammerican's be careful when you go to court U put your fate in the hands of 12 peps that are't smart enough 2 get out of jury duty ;)
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Why do people say “No Offense” right before they’re about to offend you !?!?