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South Station looking all Patriotic #boston
So mad suits wasn't on tonight
Last week's rooftop party
The flopping tho...
Watching the soccer games when they've been pre-recorded and have the fast forward is much more enjoyable
@VinnieC444 Which character is a lover, fighter, adversary, lawyer, friend? Is it Harvey, Donna, Jessica, Mike, Rachel, or Louis?
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Someone is going down. #Suits is in session Wednesday at 9/8c.…
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DO NOT SLEEP on Tim Duncan, when talking about the all-time greats.
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This is truly a great feeling to see Miami and more importantly LeBron lose. HAHA yessssss
I love this... Put Miami away! Go Spurs!
Hahahaha LeBron is so mad!! You mad bro?
Sitting on the porch, sun shining, light breeze, listening to Coldplay #relaxation
A third of working men have children under 18. How priorities are shifting for working dads: #FathersDay
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This game is making me happy
Yet another night of hating Miami! #gospurs
The radio is overplaying this song just to get to me, I swear! 😂😂😭�#stop #stop lol
"I'm gunna pick up the pieces, and build a Lego house"
Nice game! Nice win! #hatingmiami
Met up with this guy in the city last week
I miss everything about last summer
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but guys...@davidortiz is the absolute greatest.
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There's something in the water in Miami. I hate them.
Just when I thought I couldn't hate Miami more, I do