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It's a beautiful night to talk Vine over some @TheBronxBrewery beers. Head on down to @NYMediaCenter at 7PM tonight to sip on some suds.
Tomorrow night we're joined by @averymonsen, @bill_stiteler, @SamplerTimes, @Tony_Oswald and @inkyviolet IRL, 7PM, 30 John St. Brooklyn.
This Tuesday night we'll be talkin' Vine at @NYMediaCenter! Come chat with us and RSVP here:
An interview with Semi, the Vine-famous rapper behind "Another 6 Sec Rap" by @alshipley.
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So excited to announce that we'll be hosting a panel discussion at @NYMediaCenter next week. Come out and see us!
Two computers perform "Good Will Hunting."
Our friends at Bushwick women's group "BABE" posted photos of Saturday night on their Facebook page. Check it out:
Our brains are still buzzin over Saturday's crowd. Some guests told us it was their first time in Brooklyn! \(*0*)/
Report by @NYMag's @bedbow from the Vine Film Fest in which I drunkenly talk about how I'm a 'visual thinker'.
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Pretty nice coverage of Saturday night from @bedbow. Thanks guys!
Girls be like "Umm lets throw a Vine Film Fest!" and then they do. Our founders/funny girls @CEOsnakeeyes and @blubbychubs want to know you!
Many thanks to our designer and dear friend Libby Landauer for making everything beautiful:
Bart Simpson listens to Bonnie Raitt and cries his eyes out.
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Kristen Auciello, winner of Best Educational Vine and Christian Porrovecchio, winner of Best Use of a…
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Props to @bill_stiteler and his plus one @tonyzaret for killin' it last night. Verified funny dudes. \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ
Thanks to @SuperSmashTV for screening a cut of Memorex last night on the main screen! More of their insane work here: