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Vincent van Gool
Tonight I'll raise a glass to the 45% of Scotland who weren't bullied and bribed into voting their country out of existence. Slàinte!
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Cameron promises top-down organisation of the UK.
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Still believend in a yes victory, till I saw the bookies' odds.
If the Scots vote for independence, they will do so in defiance of a corrupt corporate media. My column.… #indyref
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Voted. Really felt it. Could do with a good cry now. Proud of us, Scotland. #indyref
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Hmm. Yes these are the people the Scottish will want to "stay together" with.
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"Let no young man delay the study of philosophy...for it is never too early or too late to care for the well-being of the soul." Epicurus
John Franklin 1845 expedition ship found on Arctic seabed:
Israeli spy unit tracks Palestinians' medical conditions, finances, sexual orientation & infidelity all for blackmail
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.@NaomiAKlein on the hypocrisy behind the big business climate change battle:…
It's questionable at best when journalists give a standing ovation for a new commercial product. #Apple
Muppets - Australian cops leave explosives in suitcase at airport, evacuate police building when it's handed back.
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How Hillary Clinton's State Department sold fracking to the world:…
What's up with the weird (and completely irrelevant to the plot) pro-Israel line in @SHO_RayDonovan? Did Voight pollute the scenario?
Scotland : "I'm leaving you..." Britain : "You can't!" Scotland : "I'm leaving. It's over." Britain : "... I'm pregnant!!" #RoyalBaby
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The new Superman saves offshore oil rig workers and goes to church for guidance. I'm not a fan.
#JacktheRipper DNA appears to be a bare claim by people with a book to sell. Long way yet to it possibly providing "proof" of anything.
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A German vision of tablets, 1929: "Wireless private phone & TV," to chat with friends and family. (Wagner & Co)
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I have the fearful suspicion I'm a chained prisoner in a cave staring at two-dimensional shadows.
Why does Twitter feel so angry? - Studies show that, yes, anger is the currency of the social web/ @chrisgayomali…
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...And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee." Nietzsche
"He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster...
Aside from Moonrise Kingdom perhaps.
Wes Anderson films in a way are similar to books you want to read over and over again.
Arundhati Roy: How Corporate Power Converted Wealth Into Philanthropy for Social Control By Arundhati Roy…
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Joan Rivers, what did she say about Palestinians again? Spare me your RIP-tweets.
Meet the Dutch 'nominee' for the position of vice-president of the European Commission, #Timmermans:
The US government can brand you a terrorist based on a Facebook post:…
Edward Snowden - The Most Wanted Man in the World:…
Madness, but not a surprise supports of Israel don't shun violence. @georgegalloway badly injured in street attack:…
Too bad, I rather liked the mystery - Mystery of how rocks move across Death Valley lake bed solved:…
Finding out the hard way @namedotcom isn't 'all that'.
A nine-year-old girl in the US has accidentally killed her shooting instructor using a high-powered submachine gun.
The Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu Province, China: