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Numbers of hits numbers of reviews take on a more positive meaning when associated with a Website.
Profile Pages are basically all the same - whereas Websites feel individual special
Website design is very simple and there's loads of free/cheap Website design software available.
The only limitation with a Website is you - not true for a Profile Page.
There should be no technical issues with Your Own Website.
Your Website should be at the top of the promotion marketing pyramid.
A Website is for business - A Profile Page is for support.
A Profile Page isn't a Website - it's a small part of a Website.
With a Website it's much easier to work out who your real fans are.
Look after your most valuable asset your fans
A Website is great for recruiting fans.
A Website allows you to set up and build a global fan base.
You can provide privileged access to fans who are signed-up members.
.@assessedthreat Thanks so much! We really appreciate your feedback. Great to hear that South Africans like what we have to offer!
A Website can provide instant gratification for hungry fans.
.@ICT_Integrator Hopefully one day we'll have some decent internet speeds in SA!
.@assessedthreat No problem! Have you seen our site & what we offer?
.@BosoStudios No problem! Hope you enjoy your weekend!
Your fans will assume that you already have a Website.
Hey @EntrepreneursQ Thanks for sharing your entrepreneurial wisdom with us!
.@ICT_Integrator Bad internet is one of SA's biggest problems. Also the price of internet in SA is higher than anywhere else in the world!
.@Canyi21 Gotta love Fridays!
Hi @BosoStudios Your site is looking really nice. Keep up the great work.
Hi @assessedthreat Thanks for following! Checked out your site, it looks great!
Website is a great place for your fans to network and show support by contributing to your: blog comments and forum.
Your fans want you to have a Website.
The chances of your band being successful are improved when your band has a Website.
Your Webspace shouldn't be an issue these days - so text images and sound are almost limitless!
By owning your own Website you have full control over what visitors see and hear.
.@MattKriel Thanks for the feedback! Keep up the great work. Hope you have an awesome day.
.@MattKriel You're doing a great job. Keep it up. We love finding new awesome developers. Have you seen our site?
A well designed Website can give you a massive advantage over other bands that are similar.
Hey @MattKriel Your site is looking awesome!
.@Runentrepreneur Thanks for the retweet! Hope you have an awesome day.
A Website is your Online Press Pack - you can change it at anytime (unlike the printed version).
A Website allows anyone to visit you when they want.
By owning your own Website your band is playing to the world //
.@NocturnalWenchy No problem! Keep it up. Hope you have a great day.
.@travelopulent Thank you! Looking forward to seeing more of the #TravelChatSA chats happening!
.@WiseWally Awesome! Thanks, will check it out. Hope you have a great day.
If you want to be taken seriously by the music industry you need a Website.
Hi @NocturnalWenchy Just had a look at your blog! Keep up the great work.
Owning a Website shows credibility control and professionalism
Creating a trial account is FREE so try it out and get your business online
When applying for a position your new employer will Google you.Will they find your web site?
Hi @thorsteneggert_ Thanks for following! Noticed you are also from CPT!
Hi @EdwardOmondi Thanks for following! Noticed you are an entrepreneur. Does your business have a twitter?
CVs get thrown on a pile - online profiles get scanned and websites get employers attention!
Every Tom Dick and Harry can be found on Facebook but having a well managed website will help you stand out