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the tearz are real
putangina fail pa ata 'tong ginawa ko goodbye effort
This gift idea that i have in mind is fucking me up help
how can I believe in satan when hell pulses through my veins?
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ariba sa awra wala pa me homework sa brco 3053 lol goodbye dean's list
ang hirap maging girlfriend i dont usually do this kind of stuff before lol
babalikan ko talaga yung live dvd ng foo fighters sa smsl bukas shet
why is it so hard to shop for guys goddammit
why are my relatives like this :(((((((((((((
"dalagang dalaga ka na, Viel" oh my god no stop
leaving laguna in 3 2 1
rain pls stop huhuhu
Don't concern yourself with the things that don't bring joy into your heart.
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lol stop using the freaking bible to justify your shit taga-PUP ka ba talaga bakit puro kaputahan alam mo lol
not gonna wish for anything because i already have the best thing *tags boyfriend* nakz naman gurl
grabe ang kitid ng utak mo, pag bumaha sa pureza ikaw una kong lulunurin
"being gay is a sin" mas mukha pang kasalanan pagmumukha mo eh
my aunt's stalking my facebook account oh my god get the fuck off
why why am i on a mayday parade playlist
U can't legislate morality. Nor do laws change people's hearts.
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dedz na dedz talaga ko kay bamboo kingina
no, nothing's gonna ruin my mood tonight c: c:
Stop forcing ur beliefs down everyones throats. Di naman lahat madedeep throat mo.
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i support same sex marriage and i have nothing against it okay i just hate being told what to do
someone just messaged me on facebook to change my dp to a rainbow filtered one oh no bitch u dont tell me what to do
if there's something i miss the most about vacation, its the fact that i can sleep the whole day without worrying about school shits
you kiss people and you realize a year later you shouldn't have kissed them and that's life, that's just life
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palakpakan nyo kong lahat naiwan ko ID ko tsaka receipt ng tuition ko sa western union ☺️☺️👏
i s2g holy diver by dio is the shit
we spent this day watching a movie and listening to bands that we love awww yizz 😍☺️❤️
god, it feels so good to have someone who likes the same thing that i do
hallo twitter friends it has been a while
Today stats: 2 followers, 4 unfollowers and followed 2 people via
pinapasuweldo kayo ng tax ng mga magulang namin lol
chill lang kasi yolo yung mga prof namin naks
all i did today was annoy aj and mikhal hehehe
// without you im just a sad song
Today stats: 3 followers, 5 unfollowers and followed one person via
i wish angelique's here to help me with this radio dj-ing shit
i'll probably write my spiel tonight, record myself tomorrow and then edit the audio on monday yup yup

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