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Victor Leung
People who care what others #think of them will always be limited to others' opinions.
0.9.2 is out, with @phonegap support for building iOS & @Android mobile apps with #meteorjs…
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#Failure is simply the #opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently
Do you guys have experience with #mongodb geo-partial indexes with #meteorjs? then jump to the discussion -
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"The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake -- you can't learn anything from being perfect."
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Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. Sign up for free!
The only way to win is to #learn faster than everyone else.
A #startup is a catalyst that transforms ideas into products.
#success is not delivering a feature, success is learning how to solve #customer's problem.
If you cannot fail, you cannot #learn
The #journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Something in #life you don’t have a #choice.
The goal of a #startup is to figure out the right thing to build - the thing #customers want and will pay for - as quickly as possible.
To find out how #software works you sometimes have to put some spokes in the wheels and take the whole thing apart. That’s how you #learn!
There is a big difference between knowing the path and walking the path... And the only way to learn #programming is to do it.
I love @Uber! Sign up with my promo code and get HK$100 off your first ride!…
Solutions to big #problems come from getting out there, asking questions, seeing things differently and finding the answers ourselves.
"So in many ways, my education has been my career." - @richardbranson
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Ionic: Advanced HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework #html5 #mobile #angularjs via @Ionicframework
So we begin! Montage of our 4-day journey to XCode6, Swift and mob apps! #MOB @GA_HongKong @GA
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#Design is About Solving Problems
Hong Kong Prepares for Decision on Election Rules, via @nytimes…
Daily #choices reflect the same #decision making as our #investment choices.
The only disability in life is a bad #attitude.
"Introducing Meteor 0.9.0 and the official #meteorjs packaging system"…
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If you want higher expected returns, you will have to pay a higher #investment #risk.
Think of an #app as a large ecosystem of interconnected objects that communicate with each other to solve specific #problems
An #app should solve a single #problem well instead of trying to offer solutions to multiple distinct problems
At the college level, the evidence is clear: #science students #learn less when they are expected to listen passively.
No one wants to buy this drill, what people really want to #buy is a hole.
Check out this Meetup with Hong Kong JavaScript and Node.js!
Countable.js — Live word-counting in JavaScript by @sachaschmid.
I got Back-End Web Developer! What Tech Career Should You Actually Have? via @switchorg
Those involved in @code4goodhk #2014, just got an email from Kirsten (she's in UK right now) and she was moved to tears. #whywedoit
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Announcing Ghost 0.5: - Now with Multi-User support and *hundreds* of improvements.
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@keydynamics: Good #TimeManagement is a habit.” Here's to the importance of developing good habits!
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Be what you want to be, not what others what to see
I just joined - a beautiful way to tell stories about places
One day you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the things you've always #wanted. Do it now.
Over a long period of time, the main force in favor of greater equality has been the diffusion of #knowledge and #skills.
The #price system knows neither limits nor morality
Institutional #politics, ego, and momentum are all conspiring against you.
The key is failing #fast and failing #cheap.
Resources are not infinite: you cannot solve tomorrow’s #problem if you aren’t willing to abandon today’s dud.