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I look for ways to say I love you but I ain't into making love songs
Can't you see me, can't you see me? Get your Vision on 😎
blockn a nigga isn't good enough for me anymore. I leave that read receipt on, read it and keep going😊
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She's right, loosing so much money is like nothing when you didn't do nothing to earn that money 😂
when your psycho gf starts putting two and two together
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#Np - La Escuelita 💦👅
Este Domingo 28 de Junio nos vemos en el Val Air Ballroom de Wes Des Moines, Iowa
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Court tomorrow again and then I'll be good 👌
So ready for this weekend and it's only Tuesday..
Y cuando grites me nombre al fin la borres por completo..
Te voy a dar mil besos por los lugares más extremos de tu cuerpo.. 💋 voy hacer que su recuerdo lo congeles en el tiempo
You may be feeling your oats today, but possessing self-confid... More for Pisces
Let's get trippy muthafuckas 🌀
Not a fan of man buns but gawd.. This man 😍
You may feel as if everything you do today doesn't quite meet ... More for Pisces
My throats bout to be fucked up
Drunk white girls < worse than just plain white bitches
If I didn't have court in the am , I'd be so more twisted than I am now 😩
I got every drug at the tip of my fingers. Fuck off with your fake ass
I need some lean.. Pronto
Omg going to sleep rn would be the best thing.. But this party calling me lbvs
Disagreements with a lover or a playmate can be emotionally dr... More for Pisces
Niggas need to... I repeAt.... NEED TO.. Leave me the fuck alone
When you wanna have sex so bad with a nigga then he messages saying he forgot to say how good I was.. And don't even remember having sex<<TF
Alcohol makes everything better.
WB too cute 😩☺️
This mf better stop claiming I hid his keys. If he opened his dumbass eyes more or remember where he put em, then he'll see em 😑#smhh
Yeah last night was confusing
There's a small window of opportunity to upgrade your daily re... More for Pisces
I miss you. No, let me correct that, I miss the old you. I miss the old you that cared about me and the old you that would treat me so well
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Fuck you bitch , I'm more than high. My momma probably hear that and be mortified. 😔
Like I couldn't been doing a million things then sitting here why he gets his hair done. #overit
Biggest pet peeve is when niggas only worry about themselves. Fuck puras pnches mamadas que hacine me caí 😒
If you having a shitty day remember that "rappers" from your hometown still trying to come up 😂

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