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Julian making my night a little bit better😍�#miamoror
Should've just gone to el pinche merenderos.. I swear these bitches always on sum mamadas
fuck vision they just made so much money off of us and in the end my cousin gets kicked out
Wtf fucking bitches n stupid ass niggas
These bitches don't know how to party<< I need sum coke NOW
PromΓ©teme que no me vas a dejar sin tu amor..πŸ’•
I wish I could take it and rip it up but my mom took it lbvs
O & special S/O to the piece of shit dad Valerie has ... Thanks for the $100 when you haven't done shit for her in months.. Faggit
Now time for me to get dolled uppp
Well ain't she purrttyy 😊 did her hair n makeup �
adios pero mucho gracias x el tiempo k perdimos πŸ™‹βœŠβœŒοΈπŸ’‹πŸ’•
Gracias a dios que te quito de mi camino πŸ’‹
imma make you fein for it
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I keep getting played but in reality I could give my man everything he needs and wants
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I can see my sweet boy swayin' He's crazy and Cubano como yo, my love. On the balcony, &im saying move bby, move in in loveπŸ’š
so stressssfulllllllllll lmao 😝
I actually kinda want to go to el baile
they are the most adorable together
If trying to suck your own dick is gay then so is jacking off. That's technically a hand job from & to yourself.
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When there's sun out take a selfie ✌️ #conmihija πŸ’‹
Hella sexy lightskin nigga 😍
Damn when a sexy nigga keep looking and he knows I'm looking too but he don't make a move <<< babyy noooo
i put my business on hold, let me turn off the phone. let's explore the unknown, if you not drinking w me you force me to turn up aloneπŸ‘Œ
Well that just made my day 😊
Damn waking up at 2 tf
Be careful about placing too much trust in your instincts now ... More for Pisces
Post one pic get like 10 million dms.. The thirst is real
fucking joke and fake . stfu cause i don't speak your bitchass language πŸ˜·πŸ‘‹
& niggas can hop off my dick n worry bout they girlfriends.. Is my bf worried about your bitch? No mf damn
I can forgive you for what you did but I'll never forget how it made me feel ..
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β€œ@Crushing: I'm down for you and only you”
since he's begging me like crazy πŸ˜‚
i actually do wanna go over to baes but i don't want to drive at all omg
ya estoy mÑs confundida que nada.. whatdafuckkk ☝️
Somewhere between I wanna fuck you and go fuck yourself.
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No pos ya valiΓ³ madre πŸ™Š
*war with myself
I am fucking crazy but I am free
I believe in the kindness of strangers and when I'm at world with myself, I ride.. I just ride <3333
don't break me down, I've been traveling too far. I've been trying too hard.
ive been out on that open road, you can be my full time daddy white and gold ✨
stayed true, that's all me. no help, that's all me. that's all me fr.