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Lol this nigga with his snaps😂#deadd
You never fail to disgust me more #goodjob 👍
Guess it is thirsty Thursday 😛
I left such an imprint on your heart that everyone you entertain after me will almost have to know me to know you.
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Can you be any gayer? 😆
Haven't seen Tony in like two years.. I remember when he was bae lowkey
This caldo de pollo tho 😋
I'm really happy for a sad person
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The fact that I went to sleep at 8 this morning is making it seem like it's just morning waking up 😩
Do I have to deal w ppl today? Or nah✋✊
I just keep telling myself the nobody that you are 😊
Mariscos would be clutch rn 🔥
It's tough to know who your true friends are today because the... More for Pisces
Fuck a good morning text, how about a blunt and some sex.
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Your man doing it wrong if he don't treat you like a queen ☝️
do drugs do me then do me and drugs, together
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I have the cutest love 😊💖
Be good to a #Pisces girl. She can be the best girl you ever meet.
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Want my boyfriend to be my last boyfriend ..❤️❤️❤️
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She got "besties" & "brothers" ..All them dudes want to have sex with her.. She knows it too. But you can't speak to other women lol.
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look on the bright side mom at least i'm not addicted to heroin
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@DelReyQuotes: And if you call for me, you know i'll run to you..”
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Freak show🎪💀💕
Imagine if your first blunt had you foaming at the mouth #maadcity
Cocaine laced in marihuana and they wonder why I rarely smoke now
Let it be, baby breathe 💕
Hhmm I like naked women, and that's the naked truth
Smoke it upp til your highh
@OVOandXOvibes: I'm not the person i use to be, i admit it a lot of shit got to me.”
Uh uh 8 doobies to tha face
I just wanna do cute & crazy shit with someone cute & crazy
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The good ones go if you wait too long
Si me quisieras tanto como dices yo no estaría sin ti.
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He don't know me but he setting up to blow me 🙈#truestoryy
I don't care if my nigga wanna look through my phone, if he wanna ruin his day then that's on him
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Was it love at first sight? Nope! Did she ride U like a bike? Yup!
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I have so many clothes and at the end I never find shit to wear 😕 I'd rather be naked honestly 😛
Think my thighs are double the size they were a year in a half ago lol
Ay Dios mío, mátame porfavor
Swimming in yo ocean all night, might as well go over seas 👐👐