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You may be annoyed by a surprising money matter today that can... More for Pisces
The heaviness of what you don't know lurks right at the edges ... More for Pisces
You are itching for forward movement as you put a rather ambit... More for Pisces
Falling in love with a fleeting vision, a spiritual calling or... More for Pisces
Someone may give you specific directions today, but you're sti... More for Pisces
But just know imma win
Let me play your game too I ain't got other shit to do 😭
You wanna act this way, ight
It's always the same bs with this nigga and I fr don't need none of his stupid bs or have to put up with any of it tf I look likeee...
como es posible olvidar, la unica vez que supe amaaar
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Xans a make er dance 😜
And I got her tripping off of yay, yay
3 things to keep private 1. Love Life 2. Income 3. Next Move
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What to do what to do
I want just one kiss 👅
When you send the wrong dm to the wrong person 🙈
If you haven't seen American Horror Story Season 4 - Freak Show, it's now on Netflix 😁
In one ear and out the other. Shut your mouth and take what's coming 💯
Money make you feel good but now imma make you feel good
You better not be on the phoneee talking up a storrrrm, like you usually dooo, talking to your friends like you usually do.
And you knowwwww What I neeeeeeeed From youuuuuuuu When I get homeeeeee
Yeah he's full white, but you'll never be HALF the man he is 😭✌🏼️
This nigga putting a nasty emoji when he mentioned a white guy 😷 but he forgot he was half white?! LMAO.
You remind me of a quarterback, that shit is all in the past
When you say you love a nigga do you really mean it?
Got your bitch on me getting marked
Instead of having me in my box he make me wanna say fuck my ex 😜 aye
I'm kinda glad that Drakes and Futures mixtape is something different for Drake..
I need cucumbers for these bags 😩
You have an abundance of excellent ideas you would like to put... More for Pisces
"Best thing I ever did was fall outta love"
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This shit just pissed me off
I think a spider bit me ugh wtf 😖😒
No ay ningún motivo por amargarme la vida 😊 hashtag y la vida sigue
When niggas come at you all thirsty😑 You doing too much kid ✋�#stoprightthurrrrr
These are the kind of days I need 🌊u
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A long night spent with your most obvious weakness, you start shaking at the thought.. You are everything I want.
If I want him, I'll have him.
I ain't got a time for a nigga to be acting iffy
#mcm because he's sooo sexy && he knows it 😜😜…rK
Deposited half in the bank today like woah
Should've gone with him outta state, this mf came back with $20,000 cash 😱
Niggas are crazier than girls but only when they love a girl lol
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I do like a good sweat

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