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V H Folland
The first flight and flypast of two Lancaster bombers in over 50 years! #Lanc2UK #OnceinaLanctime
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A little ill due to hayfever, which is making it difficult to write. Instead I went off to watch some aircraft.
Finished an interview for a new role. Nice company, lovely area, and I hope to hear back soon!
Looked at #kindlemojo, then realised they want personal data to sign up - e.g. D.O.B is not relevant to an author's books. PCI concerns?
When you visit us at Redhill Aerodrome be sure to tie in a visit to @EndOfAnEra3 at the airfield entrance. Aladdin's cave of unique items!
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Sunset and storms, not really flying #weather ! (wide shot showing storm moving in on sunset #croydon )
XH558 is due to display on Friday at 4:50. No times are as yet confirmed for Saturday and Sunday. More from Farnborough this afternoon.
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@VHFolland WR963 is now on Twitter! Please help us spread the word about her restoration and planned return to flight #WR963 #aviation
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If I'm not tweeting very often its because I'm #writing in the park. It has sunshine, benches, a cafe, and no wifi: the Perfect Office.
Foreknowledge isn't perfect - & in the Wall St Crash, that costs. Killgrace in Depression #scifi #sale
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RT @Killgrace1: #Scifi #ebook on #sale. Studying the Wall St Crash was one thing. Living it is another #kindlepromo
RT @Killgrace1: Killgrace In Depression: Wall Street Crash "Fascinating and Fast-paced" -P&R Lock #indie #scifi
Does anyone else find eight straight hours of #manuscript revision physically as well as mentally exhausting?
And right now my brain hurts - a lot - from stitching some short pieces together, possibly out of final sequence, to get 50 straight pages.
Just sent the submission. My problem is I don't write #fiction in 50 page chunks. I write lots of 5-10 sequences and stitch together.
I am editing and laying out my sub for the open call today. I am surprisingly nervous.
Woke up at 4a.m. I couldn't get to sleep, so the first five chapters of new story are now done. #amwriting, even if I'd rather not.
What would you do with 8 hours of writing time? (please feel free to continue in the comments)
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Survey to help writers and sellers understand how people use Amazon reviews. All responses appreciated!
Please help give this #DDay hero the send-off he deserves by attending his funeral service:
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I'm not tweeting much because I am trying to get something ready for Jonathon Cape on Sunday. I'll let you know how it goes.
So a #scammer using a false name emails an #author using a penname about buying shares in a company name that does not exist.. #irony
Our 2014 Cold War Season T-shirts are now available online:… All proceeds support XH558.
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Steam engine DVD to watch for #research, and then a real steam train later on today. Sometimes i love #writing.