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Today is so slow, two hours till work is over
Steve is sat here eating party rings what
I was thinking of doing a little workshop thih
The reason I don't shit in other peoples toilets Is because I don't know their toilets paper capacity like I do with my own
I have been on Twitter for 3 years and 2 months (since 26 Aug 2011). And you?
I'm off to fucking sleep night fuckers
I'd really love to work on some MK1-MK2 engines. Nothing compared to the new engines these days.
I have withdrawal symptoms from not being in a garage for a day. This career is addictive
Oh fuck me that is funny as fuck, what a fucking cunt fuck
It's so nice to have the weekend off! Top Banana
I've had two unauthorised absences from work guess who's getting a bollockinh tomorroe
Bed is comfy as fuck mind
Going to get a bollocking in work tomorrow because of today
CarThrotttle is my life atm
I hate how cold it is
Ham, Cheese & Pickle is the way forward
I may have blew my mates engine up on his 125, but it's cool. It was funny as fuck.
My army application is being processed, really hope I pass the medical.
It's fucking freezing omfg
NFFFFO - NO FAULT FUCKING FOUND FUCK OFF. Is written daily in work lmfao
Gay selfies in bed because I'm Cai
V60 POLESTAR SPEC £55,000 fuck
I've been so disengaged from this for a while shitting bastard
Training to become a mechanic has been the best move of my life. Period.
Wierd not riding
Sortve was being a childish prick in a police car in work
I'm going to be depressed for a while..
Back to work tomorrow!
Nothing better than a nice clean room with new bedding and a extra fluffy ass cunt of a pillow
I need to get more boots ffs
I've spent so much money on tools it's unreal!
I've just sat and tinkerd with my ped! Fitted a new HT coil & auto choke and stripped it down!
Really had a relaxed day today for a change
Ever since I've been working with cars my room smells more and more like the 'new car' smell!
So nice to hit bed slightly intoxicated and relax
I have a new window stixker
Night Internet!
I could easily be asleep in a few minutes, I'm so fucking tired and all I can think about is fixing Sheila
Camber is ugly and trashy imo.
Pure beauty only a car enthusiast could enjoy. If you don't appreciate the art of a engine system, please breakdown