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Hate missing certain individuals!
I wish people lived closer tbh!
I also need my travel for next week, fuck! I don't get paid enough!
Got to buy my fucking other set of stretchers tonight, and pay the deposit on my tattoo or I'll cry!
Paaaaydaaaay at midnighttttt
Rollie's are satan, but I like satan!
Daaaaaamn! The misses is coming down sat and like I've missed the girl!
Just sat with a couple of cold ones
So today I stripped a KA & FIESTA for banger racers!
Who debadges a engine cover?
Where's the sun?
Early mornings don't phase me!
Fell asleep at 20:00 ish, and I've just woken up dripping in sweat - what!?
I miss the girlfriend..
Totally need to start building my tool collection
I need to get rid of this iPhone ASAP
Seriously wish I had a garage
Seriously can't wait for lunch break
I cringe so hard at people in Cardiff ngl
My joy of picking up the metro and reading the adverts in the morning is pretty high!
Finally getting grip on my life and slowly settling down feels good.
I just can't wait to get qualified!
Fuck all your shit I've got SEASON 1 - 3 to watch