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Science Cat
humour 391,544 followers
Adam & Eve started the tradition we still see today
Snowflakes under an electron microscope
Just keep humming the Mission Impossible theme, it gets funnier
If I had the chance to race Godzilla on four-wheelers you wouldn’t be able to stop me.
Why we shouldn't travel to other planets.
For Halloween this year Target wants to give people heart attacks.
It took me an insanely long time to realize that these were in fact not tiny brontosauruses
Ple e e e ease Sto o o o op Hu u u u uman
Jurassic Park from the Velociraptors' Perspective
A class of schoolchildren was asked to write haikus. One wrote this. It's a masterpiece.. #NationalPoetryDay
Spider catches bee, bee stings spider. Both dead, with bee's stinger still in the spider.
To everybody who is freaking out about Ebola
X-ray image of a pregnant cat with six kittens.
It's funny how a space mission is cheaper than a movie