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"What flavor is blue raspberry?" "Its the same principle as blue balls, it's a raspberry pent up with flavor!" #workquotes
At Graycliff in Nassau, the third largest private wine collection in the world, with @smiley_kiley23!
"GoPro and Fitbit combined = GoFit" "GoFit yourself!" XD @1rosebyanyother
"great minds think cookie" "alike" "I said alike alright?" - @smiley_kiley23 #girlfriendquotes
On the subject of a certain startup in Boston: "Dude has a theology degree, so he's used to praying for good luck." #workquotes
"I like a well rounded pope..." "So you want a fat pope?" "That's santa claus!" #workquotes
4th of July with the kiwi and friends in Salem! ❤
"Javier now has a localized salamonella infection..." "I told him he should stop making those chicken milkshakes!" #workquotes
A worker was killed by a robot at a #VW plant in Germany #Skynet #Terminator
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Something to crown the new apartment and to save for our upcoming 1 year anniversary! #aceofspades
"You're from Arkansas, we'll call you cornbread." "All things considered, that's a pretty tame nickname for someone from there." #workquotes
Best response to recruiters: "Thanks for reaching out, please remove me from this mailing list." #workquotes
"Donald Trump is like the real life Scrooge McDuck." #workquotes
"Jeb Bush supports common core education..." "Yeah, but have you seen his new logo? It's sexy!" #workquotes
"I was an awesome pre-school teacher until a child vomited on me and I threw them off of me." #workquotes
Somewhere I Belong looking very at home at St Barth's.
Fun at work with encoding strings for web services... #ObjectiveC
On the subject of body metrics web services: "It's not the field value, it's how you use it!" #workquotes
"Do you smell perfume?" "Probably an old lady ghost in the building" "That or Dick has the lotion out." XD #workquotes
"What do you want for lunch?" "I wanna chase down a fucking rhinoceros and eat it!...Shit, is the client still here?" "Yes." #workquotes
"Two textfields, one label." "And you wanna know where that data comes from?" "It's called sanitizing your data sources!" #workquotes
"When you say let's cruise Carnival you're really saying 'let's cruise on a giant flaming pile of shit.'" #workquotes
Last week at watch factory lofts, Archstone here we come!
"The swirling fuck you? Not the swirling fuck you!" #workquotes
Loaner while BMW fixes my car. Definitely enjoying the 4 series more than I thought I would!
"I don't care where we go for lunch, as long as it's not a mushroom-only restaurant." #workquotes
The yacht being loaded onto a transport ship to be taken south for our vacation later this summer!
"He puts the cinnamon in his mouth or he gets the hose again!" #workquotes
Can't wait for the full #ultra2015 aftermovie! "When words fail, music speaks."… #miami #umf
"Don't smoke cigarettes, just go home and masturbate." #workquotes
Win or lose, very proud to be working at the best company in Boston and to have them be a finalist in…
"Only at MTC, hotboxing chicken!" #workquotes
"Its just Swedish people being Swedish." #workquotes
"When your internet is better on the back end..." #bootyliciois #workquotes
Removing, ahem "placeholder" values from a project with @propstm
"Clowns are terrifying" - Jess "No, clowns and mall santas" - Matt #workquotes
#1: It's usually the guy in a 3 Series that thinks leaning on his horn will somehow get traffic moving.
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#1: Dove's latest 'Real Beauty' campaign isn't brave; it's smart. Dove is owned by Unilever, maker of Ben & Jerry's and Klondike.
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Having a bad day? In 1976, Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake in Apple for $800. Today, that's worth $77 billion.
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On the subject of new hires: "You can teach em how to type, but you can't teach em how to be hot!" - Court #workquotes
"Don't scream "I have crabs too loud" , that's just asking for problems." #capeproblems #workquotes
"Hot dog in his mac and cheese, he's all about it!" #workquotes
FORGOTTEN MYTHS our new record. out may 4th.
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what kind of car you have/how well you maintain it says a lot about who you are
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*girlfriend starts blowing on computer to make her youtube video buffer* Me - "It's not a NES cartridge baby!" @smiley_kiley23
Celebrating the Bulgarian easter with my little kiwi!
"Does your arm get tired of casting that rod?" - Jess #workquotes XD
Me: "New challenge, shuffle while cooking!" Kiley: "That sounds like a recipe for disaster" XD

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