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Veronica Belmont
.@iFixit has already posted their teardown of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.…
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On set today at the Universal back lot! Love the Wild West theme (not an active set or related to what I'm here for, but still fun!).
"NASA is letting loose the creativity of American know-how."
We are separated by miles and oceans - but in pulses of lights, only milliseconds. Here, in this electronic space, we sit in the same room.
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I just opened Google Drive, and for a second the screen flashed “Others have failed you” before the page loaded. ¯\(º_o)/¯
Too much traveling has made me a bad guest this week for the Gweek podcast! Any cool stuff you’ve seen? TV shows, books, etc? #lazyweb
But @BeauRyan! How will you look at your own neck all the time?! #doctorwho #dontblink
4 months and 3 million comments later, the public has spoken on net neutrality
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Forgot to wear deodorant. Sorry, airplane.
Jumping onto the @morningstream to talk Minecraft and Microsoft in a few! Come listen:
#xoxofest starting off awesomely with @kevin2kelly and @ginatrapani! Excited for the weekend.
All the precioussssses at Powell's
When you read so much on Kindle, going to a bookstore feels like seeing a celeb in real life. "So that's what you look like!"
The boys are back! @ryan and @peterrojas just launched @mvptheshow, their new podcast about tech products:
Apple confirms that the Apple Watch can be used by lefties by inverting it between the straps and choosing a pref during setup.
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It is too early for husband to be quoting Arnold Schwarzenegger. Too. Early.
Once again: BRANDS, be very careful today. 9/11 isn't a "engagement opportunity"
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Google combining two things I thought they no longer cared about:
Nearly got a "meow" past Jay Chandrasekhar last night on @takepartlive. #supertroopers
If folks on the internet used a quarter of the energy they put into #GamerGate to save #NetNeutrality, I’d feel much better about the world.
Why so many loading avatars? Learn more about Internet Slowdown Day and why it matters:
Tried to look at an article about #InternetSlowdown, but it wouldn't load so I went here and signed the form.
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Always a blast hanging out with the @takepartlive crew! Thanks Jacob and Meghan!!
Sexual assault on campus is a major issue. With the new year starting, make a change! #iAspire
Join me and @TakePartLive in changing your profile pic to support #InternetSlowdown to save Net Neutrality.
I changed my avatar! Find out why when we interview @evan_greer tonight on @TakePartLive, 7pm PT/10pm ET (you may already know, smarties)
What. "Report: Microsoft Trying To Buy Mojang, Creators Of Minecraft"
Live on the DTNS pre-show talking Apple with @scottjohnson and @podfeet! Come join us on
Might as well just start burning lefties on the stake as witches if Apple won’t acknowledge us. Demon-brood that we are. #AppleWatch
Kind of excited to see any future designer Watch collaborations, like @MbyMarcJacobs or @toryburch
My refusal to stop wearing giant watches has finally paid off. I never gave up on you, giant watches. Don’t forget that.
It still amazes me that we live in a world where we can buy almost anything with one touch. #PeopleRule @PayPal #ad
Apple Watch. Insanely dramatic. Bloggers tear apart chairs and faint in the room. Someone ate Tim Cook.
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It's Apple Day everybody! COme get your new Apple things! Listen to Apple stuff! Apples! Buy Low Sell Apples! WHATEVER. (apples)
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Now we’re thinking differently! RT @eviltofu: @Veronica waffle keyboards made of waffles
Maybe Apple will announce a solution for not getting butter on your keyboard.
Are you ready for an all new #TPL in 10 minutes!? @Veronica is here to co-host plus guests @Robin_McGraw and @georgekourounis!
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Hmm, mystery box with my name on it! Can't get it opened! I'm bad at puzzles. #unboxing #mysteries #spon
"We weren't woohooing or anything!" @Veronica "I died of embarrassment on my bathroom floor." This is why I love sims. @morningstream
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Talk about adding insult to injury. *This* is how the @washingtonpost describes a victim of domestic abuse. #RayRice