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Theo the therapy cat is at it again.
Retweeted by Veronica
got my mind on your body & your body on my mind
People are laying on the charm today as they persuade you to p... More for Gemini
You may have your heart set on doing something fun with your f... More for Gemini
If your girlfriend doesn't drive you crazy then you got the wrong girl bruh
Retweeted by Veronica
There are so many details to track that you must remain on you... More for Gemini
so happy I got to see @AtteburyBritney 😊�8o
When all you want is attention from bae
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Although your current workload might seem overwhelming, nearly... More for Gemini
idk I'm pretty pissed
You might feel as if you're bogged down in quicksand today, an... More for Gemini
Everyone needs a good cry once and a while
Retweeted by Veronica
im so screwed for school i can't even think about it im getting light headed
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You can change your mind about your likes and dislikes faster ... More for Gemini
Although your agenda might clash with someone else's today, yo... More for Gemini
‘It's possible her energy could even bring the good out of the devil.’
Retweeted by Veronica
It doesn't appear to matter how hard you push yourself today b... More for Gemini
You might actually believe you could earn a gold medal in ment... More for Gemini
You are ready to make a deep and soulful connection with someo... More for Gemini
good morning world and all who inhabit it
like most of them have no talent whatsoever and they just make shitty jokes, i don't get what the big deal is
i'll never understand why girls obsess over guys who are famous on vine or twitter
can't wait to go to ocean city tomorrow 😍
You have so much to do today with the Leo New Moon stimulating... More for Gemini
i need to get tf out of america ASAP
Ironically, a fortuitous twist to today's events can add to yo... More for Gemini
fuck relationship goals. i want something unique and special that nobody else can have.
Retweeted by Veronica
We ain't picture perfect but we worth the picture still.
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