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t-minus 24 hours until shit hits the fan
Retweeted by Veronica
u dont like me but who r u
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My sleep schedule is always fucked up because I always take naps after school
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"what have I done to deserve you" 😍
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was a fast lifestyle that no one helped her to steer
no happy endings, no wind in our sails
but when you lose a good girl I guess you need a bad bitch to come around & make it up
makes me sick to my fucking stomach
my insecurities could eat me alive
shoutout to the people in my English class who helped me stop crying
You may have a detailed picture of exactly what you want to do... More for Gemini
tomorrow is the day 😍
been wanting it for way too long
but I guess I'll have to be okay with not getting what will make me happy
I think too much at night😔
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When your homie is milking the bong and u know he can't take it without coughing
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give me more than the life I've seen
but I gotta get lost
horoscope: more mistakes coming soon
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this is the realest thing I've ever seen on yikyak
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can't stop missing you
Really need to get my shit together this year
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Friday needs to come sooner
When you already high af but you next in the rotation
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but maybe tonight I'll call you after my blood turns into alcohol
pray that today's not a lonely one
too busy pretending to be happy
and this is why you should be nice to everyone
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Anybody with a "don't get mad, get even attitude" is childish.
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what did I get myself into
But I was still staring at her tittys doeee
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