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Females text fast af when they mad.
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I love giving advice but I simply can't read it back to myself
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something's not right😔
Driving to the first day of school like... 😒
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happy that you're mine
@Viibezs: Everyone’s fucked up. You’ve just gotta decide what kinda fucked up you’re into”
little things like that make everything better
negative thoughts will destroy you.
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Your desire to keep the flow of information moving swiftly alo... More for Gemini
time for bed I guess
always up thinking
not being able to see you fuckin sucks
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@iVibeTV: This would be chill right now. 🌠🌛”
I just wanna wake up next to u
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put up a fucking fight for what you love..
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even the smallest things mean so much
It's a communication-rich day, but you might have trouble sayi... More for Gemini
Keep twerking baby might earn you a scholarship
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