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It seems as if you're living in a different world now that the... More for Gemini
when ur brother and ur mom are ab to catch a flight for Miami and u weren't invited 🙃
Your mind is like a hot air balloon today as your thoughts ris... More for Gemini
Sharing your unfiltered desires can act as an emotional cataly... More for Gemini
Although you may not be certain about someone's intentions tod... More for Gemini
Your long-held beliefs could be the source of duress today. It... More for Gemini
when I send a petty text & wait for the response
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I will never apologize for being me, but I will apologize for the times that I am not.
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"Midol doesn't really help me" "it does if you take 10"
You're tempted to keep all your great ideas to yourself today ... More for Gemini
wtf is up w snapchat
You might have to rethink your immediate career objectives due... More for Gemini
It's growing more apparent that you can't do every single thin... More for Gemini
You may long for the return of the good old days -- a simpler ... More for Gemini
"have a good weekend, don't get arrested" thanks mr altieri 💟
the picture on my ID isn't my school picture wtf??
Your schedule is as complicated as your thought process while ... More for Gemini
Your serious mood can have a negative impact on your coworkers... More for Gemini
why isn't anyone outside wearing a jacket like its freezing :(
Making simple modifications to your daily routine may be the s... More for Gemini
A complicated issue with a family member continues to require ... More for Gemini
Journalist always wanna talk about gang banging like can we talk about fries ? Who make the best ones? Ketchup or naw? Important shit.
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Your laissez-faire management style works wonders today as lon... More for Gemini
wish people the best and move on w your life
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You might be more self-assured these days, but your overconfid... More for Gemini
this will literally be me when someone proposes to my ass
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i been thinkin' bout you and you only..
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Although you take your rest and relaxation quite seriously tod... More for Gemini
Intense emotions spring forth from your subconscious today, bu... More for Gemini
Luxeder will forever be my fav
doesn't feel like Friday
Even if your thoughts are running amok now, this is a perfect ... More for Gemini
You are confident that you're on the right track and you're no... More for Gemini
throwin shade won't help u shine
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gave up on straightening my hair forever
Don't panic about meeting everyone's expectations today, since... More for Gemini
Adele's new song 😍😭
You may be swept up in an emotional current that weaves togeth... More for Gemini
Thankfully, you could receive a much-needed reprieve from the ... More for Gemini
Although you may carve out some downtime for yourself today, y... More for Gemini
You can't wait to escape into the beauty of an intellectual cr... More for Gemini
Me flirting: So how many lights in the sky do you think are UFOs ?
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