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Repeat After Me
These bizarre fungi look like alien species . . . #12 is seriously nuts!
“Architecture Porn: Amazing structures, I can’t believe this isn’t photoshop!
When girls call their boyfriends “daddy” I just want to vomit all over their existence.
Forget your bland old food. Add Sriracha to these for a meal that’ll rock your world. Nomnomnom. #Sriracha
reasons I grab my boobs: -running upstairs -running downstairs -running -scared -walking through my house in the dark -bored -boobs
and then satan said “let there be hot people who dont like you back”
Seven Dwarves to the poison apple: the best of Snow White GIFs
“Wanted: Cone of Silence, Will Pay a Million Dollars, and other crazy Craigslist ads
Why we love Aziz Ansari: from stand up to Tom Haverford
Check out 10 funny siri responses! We think #3 is hilarious!
OMG!!! These puppies are hilarious!
“Wanted: Cone of Silence, Will Pay a Million Dollars, and other crazy Craigslist ads…” via @TomVeos
☑Are you gonna buy a PS4 or Xbox One? This might change your mind!
I’m at the point of the semester where I’m hoping my future husband is doing really good in school right now
You are what you listen to.
I don’t care how many times you tell me you love me. Just once, I want you to mean it.
The Best Research Ever Explains Why Booze is Actually Good For You… via @TomVeos
☑Check out these crazy urban gymnastics pictures. #2 is totally insane!
☑Men and women think differently… So true and so funny
☑A beginner’s guide to astrology, start with #15.
☑We’d be lying if we said the NBA’s Best Crossover GIFs didn’t involve a whole lot of broken ankles!
why does all the good stuff in life cost so much
You have lips. And I have lips. Interesting…
☑Your favorite photo guessing game is back..and this time it’s all about hot girls!
☑Animals riding animals: so cute! Love the monkey and parrot riding a dog.