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Repeat After Me
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i feel like i am just made of stress at this point in my life. i have stress running through my veins.
Animals are infiltrating humans. Watch them mimic us.
literally all i do is daydream about impossible scenarios and when i say literally i mean literally 95% of my day
Most dangerous cities in the world; a couple are popular vacation destinations!
Surprising Republican celebs: Adam Sandler? 50 Cent?!
Wost. Halloween. Costumes. Ever. Nice try Snooki.… via @TomVeos
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things that are sad: school tomorrow things that are even sadder: the amount of homework i have to do before school tomorrow
sending out “I miss you” texts on April fools day
Did you these 12 things about the Aquarius sign? Is #1 you??
“One is a whiny online diary, and the other is a light speed news source, Facebook v Twitter throw down!
“Weird Things Sold in Vending Machines, like roaches
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