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When your ex tries to slide into your DMs...
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This flu makes me sound like batman
Capri Sun is bare buff but it finishes in two seconds 😩😔
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But still the dragon ruins it 😒
The Black madrid kit doesn't actually look that you know
"@Dory: when your hair is on point" professor Snape 👀
Maths Y U gotta be so confusing
After 358974499 attempts I finally got the right answer to a S2 question 😥
"@FascinatingVids: Monk doing a backflip." this guy's got some serious strength
Girls with nose piercing >>>>>
Happy Birthday ☺ x @Simmyk_94
You automatically look buff in new clothes
In every brown family, the oldest sibling has so much pressure on them and the youngest one is spoiled. So unfair.
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It's so cold now but around 1 it'll be boiling hot #EnglishWeather
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Kids these days have Snapchat, Whatsapp, Fling and tonnes of other apps. RT if this was you "When you get in are you going on MSN?"
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*hits blunt* "If 2 vegetarians are fighting, is it still considered beef?"
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I wish they had dictionary for all these short forms. Idk like 90% of them
We need to win this match today 😒
miss my french gcse lessons 👀
Speaking french to these tourist because I can
People who say hehe should be banned from social media or texting.
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If Diego Costa is like this. Imagine Cristiano in BPL....
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Everyone has a part of them which they prefer to keep to themselves.
I spend 99.99% of my money on food
yo @Veer_____ you need to RT me more often. got 6 RT's coz of u lool
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Never trust the alarm on your phone to always go off 😡
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you ever make food then realise ur not hungry?
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Too much perfection in one pic 🌝