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The knob on a toaster doesn't turn up the heat.. Its a timer 😳
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When the takeaway guy doesn't give you salt on your chips ..
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When I can't tweet an amazing tweet because of the word limit
What do you call two fat people talking ? A heavy discussion
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A 2 min silence was observed in schools all across India for the #PeshawarAttack victims. Humanity has no borders.
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Happy Birthday 🎉🌝@balpreetxoxo
Who's read A Thousand Splendid Sun's?
@Veer_____ lovelovelove him. Which books you read?
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Khaled Hosseini is a great novelist.
That feeling after submitting your final assignment
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"@MensStyleDaiIy: It's gotta look good head-toe #MensStyle" this jacket is too buff 🌝🌝
Just learnt how to use chopsticks #lifeachievement
YOOO this should be in the twitter hall of fame lmao
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If you don't know who he is you missed out as a kid
RT and FAV if you think Cristiano Ronaldo deserves the Ballon d'Or.
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Why do people hate black tea? It tastes amazing
No matter how early I get out I'm always late
One thing I can't do is be somewhere on time
biggest harry potter movie fan 👀
Looking at @sanaqazix snaps makes me want to go to harry potter studio
They need to make bottled capri-suns
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I swear last 30mins of my shift seem longer than my whole day
The needs of the few outweigh the wants of the many.
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I feel sorry for bald people in this weather.
Annoys me when people say "Bill Gates was a dropout!" yeah he dropped out of Harvard not BTEC Health & Beauty so stfu
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Confident yet humble = perfection.
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My Name is Khan is a must watch!
RT if you love Naruto
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People who reply back fast >>>>>>>
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That one person on your snapchat who always looks buff no matter what they post.
When you dont understand someone's question the 3rd time so you just go sfjkgfdkl with a awkward smile
Do you have 11 protons? Cause you're sodium fiiineeee
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What do you find so interesting about me eating something?
Hate it when someone stares at me whilst I'm eating.