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No days off , i aint resting.
Im just counting on my blessings
I dont feel like going out tonight... pizza and a movie it is !
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if you get offended from something on twitter, feel free to join the other pussies on Facebook.
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An ugly personality ruins a pretty face 😒✋✌😞
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Your my star , nothing else couldve lead me off track
I could bet all of the riches that i ever had
Really could use a starbucks iced coffee right now !
Some girls expect to be treated like a lady yet they dress & act like a hoe ''#Hmmm...
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I have nothing to say anymore ....
Not even they can stop me now
Titties, ass, pussy? Any bitch can give you that shit. Loyalty, love & attention? Only a real female can give you that.. y'all don't hear me
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Its nice to love and be loved
I miss you but i wont admit it .
Well... i didnt know it would come to this.
Hoping just to shed some laughs ♡
if somebody aint following its they ass
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My heart goes out to the people in Ok. #oklahomacitytornado
I never settled for less
I never gave a FUCK , and i still dont give a SHIT.
Relationships where you can just chill at each others house🏡 make each other laugh😜 cuddle💑 take pics📷👫 & tell each other everything😃👍❤
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Sometimes music is all you need to make you feel better.
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Cant believe this shit ...
Im so fucking mad right now !
The more you taunt me ; the more i think im wanting you
Just got annoyed af quick af over nothing...
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bras are so i didn’t choose the boob life the boob life chose me
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It aint no sleep for a chick like me ,
Yes, I've changed. Pain does that to people.
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i seen like a billion different one of those Drake pics lol
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Why is drake all over my ig TL doin that pose ????
I need more followers !!!
Is it too late to decide I want to be a pterodactyl when I grow up?
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Im awake for what ? Lol

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