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Val Kilmer
Just sold some more art at thank you good people for the interest and support.
Please check out our funny and beautiful friend @OctoberGonz co hosting @theviewtv tomorrow 11am EST.
I'm making some paintings using the quotes people always ask me to say. "Wingman anytime" "chicks dig the car" "I'll be your huckleberry"
Prom Sunday! I think I was 13. Leigh Barbier! Check the shoes!
Just another day at the office...
I don't know why this made me so happy to write!
#carlysimon and #laurieanderson are actual angels. I've seen their wings. U have to get lucky and get up real close.
I loved #hangten tee's when I was a kid. I think I'll make some HANG10-God-Art so no one is confused about my POV!
I painted this this summer. Ryan Adams owns in now.
Synonyms for God painting in punk colors
I like this- Its for sale on website I've got other paintings w/out God but go big or go home
Thanks for buying a GODBLOCK Linda from Australia! I wish I could hand deliver it! I love it down there and have lots of friends!
So grateful you like my art! I'm unable to tour my play now-personal priorities, so makin art thats valued is so energizing Sold 4 in 2 days
my dear friend @kristaworby will b jumping out of a plane tomorrow for #18for18 to end trafficking. Every $ counts.…
For sale in my web as well. "God Blocks" limited edition and signed.
Hats and tees with the Valogo are on sale for charity on my website friends.
Friends please tell Paula Patton I've been very patient but I'd really like to hear from her already.
One of the greatest nights of my youth was spent with dear Robin Williams. Let's all get closer to our friends who are down, and share love.
Whys #petergabriel fraternizin w #MichaelCorleone? u've had challenges with #womad but crime doesn't pay old friend!
"Let there be light."
Don't miss ma man #dandeacon and #arcadefire here in LA AUG 1 and 2! Special surprises... #reflector is brilliant.
A friend sent: Val Kilmer is underrated, and four other observations on the occasion of Batman Day By Chris Vognar
Did u see there's a goofball on kick starter wants to make a sequel to #breakingbad starring me?Americans are never happy with a good thing.
This isn't my new watch- this is my new way of life! It's a #Devon and its got bands instead if gears. So fun!
I never knew Bruce Springsteen wrote Blinded by the Light. What a surprise!
My son came over today and found my hat. People wore cowboy hats all over when I was a kid. I miss em.
Can someone help me find tony hale? He's brilliant on VEEP, and I want him to read a great part in my film.
I've been writing and preping 2nd draft of my screenplay that I'm also going to direct called MARK TWAIN and MARY BAKER EDDY. Read thru fri!