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"@HRmajesti: @uyo1stson pls whr can i get d ticket pls?"sorry received your tweet late. Where u able to make it
Keshi, see ehn, just from that stadium dey go house. Delete my number.
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At nest of champions with my bruh
"@itssashleeeey: And after a while I'm gone stop Using my twitter ."y
"@edison4me: Am April 29 what am i call"who are u
"@itssashleeeey: You just never saw my true colors 🌈" me your true colors...
"@Thats_Jasss: #mustbenice ❤️"what! He wanna look into your boobs? Who the fuck is he
The best in the world having a chat with the second best in the world.
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Here's where Wayne Rooney stands after his two goals against Scotland. More here:
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"@Angel_in_Armani: Lol. No airtime. No card to purchase. Sigh."borrow na
Someone sing me lullaby
"@d_raw07: He apologise doe!! "@MistaAustin_: Ronaldo could have passed that Ball thou, unnecessary dribble bruh!""""apologised
"@itssashleeeey: I got butterflies in my stomach sum bout to happen 🙍"what
"@d_raw07: Am nt jst a food person😕😕"you're what
"@channels_sports: Should keshi be retained as @NGSuperEagles coach if he qualifies Nigeria for AFCON 2015?"yesssss
"@Mo_Nelle: Cape Town and mob justice."wasup der
"@d_raw07: Nd den spin me around till I fell sleep.. den up d stairs he will carry me... den I knew 4 sure I was loved!!"Luther
Fuck it Argentina fuck it. Omg
Messi nd his quick feet😥😥😥
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"@itssashleeeey: Lmao I just woke up !"go nd sleep pls
Dear ladies, if you're above 6ft, take it easy on the heels. You're not here to change bulbs!
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Maybe Ronaldo and Korede Bello should go for Winking Competition
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"@iMurumba: I think it's rude for rappers to assume we "know what it is""locals
"@ValleyGirlB: I love what I do & I love my job . 😊"what do u do and what's your job?
"@itssashleeeey: I lost like 50 followers lol wtf"it doesn't break or make u
"@SierraDeanna_: when is bae gonna text me ??"till thy Kingdom cum
"@PRINCE_VIII: Girls are like biscuits - they are tough until they get wet"rubbish not logical
So tickets Don finish? Isoright
"@tonky52: Hardly anyone from school knows who I really am 😪"u must be an introvert
Pacquiao on Mayweather: "It's obvious he's avoiding a fight with me. He always makes excuses. Just make the fight & stop talking." #SSBoxing
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"@HRmajesti: My Qs... Why ia Victor Moses not called?"surplus to requirement
"@HRmajesti: @uyo1stson will u b thr live?"yes bruh
Nigeria is a corrupt country and this is how it will be till thy Kingdom come
Tickets were to be sold at #500 but in uyo it was hiked to #1000.
"@Edy_ekong: In Uyo Food affairs @uyo1stson"it was not there but idems ultimate and oliver twist
Nigga desperate to get ticket for tomorrow's match #nigeriavssouthafrica
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"@Edy_ekong: In Uyo Food affairs @uyo1stson"I pray I see and buy tomorrow. How much is it
"@Edy_ekong: #workflow #Uyo #AkwaIbomStadium"bruh how can I get ticket for this Wednesday game
"@Amy_Raww: wonder why vegetarians would deprive themselves of such nice things.. chicken, meat?"they're really missing out
"@OscaRankinG: Fifa or Pes?"pes
"@HRmajesti: S/O 2 d tall, Slim n Dark girls...u win my hrt always."hmmm
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"@Mo_Nelle: Artificial Intelligence."IQ